Tool hound: Auto and retail glass cutout tools

July 22, 2008

Equalizer StingRay
"I love the new StingRay. It is lightweight; it cuts a lot faster; and it doesn't kill you. Usually, I get all torn up inside trying to muscle machines through, but I don't have any problems getting cramped up when holding the StingRay for long periods. It has a smooth stroke, and I really like the new design."
-Brendan Bradley, owner and installer, Rocker Auto Glass, Hurste, Texas

From left, Timothy Peddicord of Absolute Glass & Storefront; Brendan Bradley of Rocker Auto Glass




The specs
Description: Features high torque, fast acceleration and a top-end speed that is faster than any of the other Equalizer Express tools.
Suggested uses: Auto glass removal
Power-source requirements:120 volts or 220 volts
Operating speed: 500 strokes per minute to 3,000 strokes per minute
Weight:  6.55 pounds
Type and size of blades it can accommodate:  Equalizer Express blades that range in size from 11⁄2 inches to 3 inches wide and 10 inches to 14 inches long
Safety features:  Light weight provides more user control
Ergonomic features:  Comfortable, natural grip
Accessories included:  Deluxe Kits include safety glasses, a spray bottle, an extra blade and a blade sharpener
Warranty:  One year
Price:  Standard kit $395.95; deluxe kit $449.95
Available from:  Equalizer Industries, 1304 W. Industrial Blvd., Round Rock, TX 78681; 800/334-1334;;

Extractor EXT-PROV28
"If you don't own one of these, you're not in the auto glass business. It's an essential tool. It will save you from a workman's comp claim where a guy has pulled a neck or shoulder muscle, and it will speed up your time on installations tremendously.
It really comes in handy when cutting out the bottom of the windshield; it speeds up your time probably by half. It also has an extended blade that really helps, especially when you're doing the late-model Ford pickups. There is a hump in the center and [the blade] helps you reach around that without tearing up the dashboard."
—Fred Little, owner, A Touch of Glass of Yuma Inc., Yuma, Arizona 

The specs
Description: Features fade-free lithium power, an indestructible body and double the run time compared to other 18-volt tools, the manufacturer states. Other features include a two-speed switch and an operating speed of 3,000 strokes per minute.
Suggested uses: Auto glass removal; residential and commercial face-glaze cutout; hurricane glazing cutout. Can be used to separate sealed units without breaking the glass.
Power-source requirements: 28-volt cordless, 110-volt charger
Operating speed: Variable speed trigger. Speed one: 2,000 strokes per minute; speed two: 3,000 strokes per minute
Weight:  9 pounds, including lithium ion battery and blade
Type and size of blades it can accommodate: 
Extractor blades only; available in five different lengths and sizes
Safety features:  Trigger-lock off switch when tool is not in use; exclusive gear-protected clutch quickly slows down the stroke after the trigger is released
Ergonomic features:  Non-slip, soft-grip handle. Weight of tool eliminates most vibration.
Accessories included:  Two extra-long cutout blades, extension shaft, 110-volt charger and two lithium ion batteries
Warranty:  12-month limited warranty for end user
Price:  $1,095.90
Available from:  The Extractor/Crystal Glass Canada, 9508 45th Ave., Edmonton, AB T6E 5Y9, Canada; 877/628-8837;;