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  • Five final rules to work by
    Customers are the lifeline of a business. Last month, we took a look at the first five rules business owners should follow to obtain customer feedback. Here, we’ll examine the final five.
  • What will be your top business challenge this year and how do you plan to address it?
    CommercialAlvaro Correa, project manager, West Tampa Glass, Fla.We are going to have a moderately slower year than last year. The residential market is zero, and we are seeing the commercial market in a similar light due to these economic times. We have to find other sources of revenue, with the market the way it is. The hospital market is moving, and we are finding success [in that segment]....
  • When asked to identify a lesson learned early in his career, 30 under 40 award winner Stanley Yee, now a principal and building enclosure consultant at The Façade Group in Portland, Ore., admitted to many. “Career development is all about making mistakes and learning the hard way,” he said. “And it doesn’t only include your own mistakes; you can learn from other...
  • ... to their pockets
    Just a little incredulity was in order when Merrill Lynch’s John Thain asked for a $10 million bonus at the end of 2008. As all of us contribute to that company’s $10 billion bailout—along with the rest of Wall Street and possibly the auto industry—we look out across the next 12 months with precautionary belt-tightening.So, it was gratifying to learn that several glass...
  • We're all ears
    In this month’s cover story, “Customer feedback: Five rules to work by,” author Carl Tompkins offers step-by-step instructions to obtain customers’ opinions about your business. His no. 1 rule: Ask. So, I’m asking: What do you like or dislike about the new Glass Magazine? Thus far, your comments have been extremely positive, but if there’s an area where you...
  • Top 10 factors to consider when opening a new store
    Location, first impression, floor layout, display design, product placement, lighting, technology and decor can all make or break a new showroom.
  • How display design can boost profits
    The list of options for shower doors is lengthy. Yet, the typical glass shop doesn’t have a formal way of working people into upsells.
  • Know when to hold `em; know when to fold `em
    This article is first in a series that will explore how to run a successful shop, and will touch on various aspects of managing a business including: when/how to expand, downsize, sell your business; decide on location, whether to rent or buy; when to add new products, services and people; when to diversify; and when to change name, logo and marketing materials.
  • A proper interview can mean the difference between a good employ and a bad experience
    In the late '90s, a large manufacturer in the Detroit area hired a gentleman to fill the position of marketing manager. His resume and references indicated he was a tremendous hire, but he quit after only one day on the job. At 5 p.m., he told his supervisor: "There is some type of disease in this company that I don't want to catch."In this case, the disease was the negative company...
  • This is a sidebar to the article, "Hiring horror."
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  • This commercial office space in Tulsa, Okla., features a 42-foot-long, custom, continuous art mural that spans 14 glass panels. 
    Great Glazing: Custom interior officeThis commercial office space in Tulsa, Okla., features a 42-foot-long, custom, continuous art mural that spans 14 glass panels suspended from the ceiling. Created by Tulsa artist May Yang, the mural is based on local Oklahoma themes, transitioning from rural landscape to the Tulsa skyline.   Great Glazing: Joliet Junior College Campus...
  • A look at the leading manufacturers and fabricators of metal products, broken down by sales volume, number of locations and product offering. 
    Building on the success of the Top Glass Fabricators rankings introduced last year, Glass Magazine is expanding its coverage to include the Top Metal Companies, featuring the leading manufacturers and fabricators of metal products in the United States and Canada. The Top Metal Companies include those that manufacture, fabricate and sell curtain wall, storefront and entrance, commercial interior...
  • Read about the winners
    In an effort to spotlight the people who make the Glass Magazine Award-winning products and projects possible, this year’s program included people-centric categories, for which the industry submitted their picks for best installer, production supervisor, project manager and sales rep.After narrowing down the nominations to three finalists in each category, the Glass Magazine editors asked the...