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  • Survey shows members use common strategies
    The 2007 NGA Competitiveness Survey examined the operations practices and performance metrics of contract glaziers, glass manufacturers and dealers/retailers.
  • What effect has the credit crunch had on your company and/or customers?
    CommercialMichael Haber, managing partnerW&W Glass, Nanuet, N.Y.The current credit crisis is having a profound effect on our business on several fronts. One of the first things that we have experienced is the difficulty in getting paid in a timely manner due to the extensive reporting requirements requested from the various lending institutions. We have also seen several projects put on hold...
  • When I visit Las Vegas, a few things always seem guaranteed: I will lose the $20 I set aside for gambling, I will face a long wait in the security line at McCarran International Airport, and I will see a myriad of construction cranes from my hotel window.
  • Tempered, sputtered low-E products present challenges, provide solutions
    For more than 30 years, fabricators and float glass manufacturers have worked to come up with solutions that satisfy architects.
  • The $107 million, 630,000-square-foot Riverpoint Center, completed in November 2007, provides office space for more than 6,000 workers employed by Apollo Group's corporate headquarters and online operations that support the University of Phoenix and other educational programs.
  • Architects originate plans and specifications that legally bind contractor and subcontractors to a set of standards to be followed in the subsequent construction of a project. However, in our experience, most projects have inappropriate specifications that do not apply to the project or to the recommended products.
  • The Family Circus comic strip might have represented it best. Whenever something went wrong in the busy household-a lamp was broken or milk was spilled-the parents would ask, "Who did it?" All of the children would point fingers and say, "Not me!" Meanwhile, an invisible gremlin with "Not me" written across its chest was running around causing all sorts of problems.
  • Sin City to host sixth annual show
    GlassBuild America, the Glass, Window & Door Expo will be back at the Las Vegas Convention Center Oct. 6-8.
  • What avocados, rib eye and glass have in common
    The global supply chain is reverberating. Recent news articles point to economic strain in China.
  • Tropical storms and hurricanes, Midwest flooding and California wildfires highlight the need for business owners to have adequate insurance coverage to cope with damages caused by such catastrophes.When you think of property damage, damaged roof, broken windows or cleaning up debris from fallen trees come to mind. But what if your business is without power for more than a brief period? Or...
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  • This commercial office space in Tulsa, Okla., features a 42-foot-long, custom, continuous art mural that spans 14 glass panels. 
    Great Glazing: Custom interior officeThis commercial office space in Tulsa, Okla., features a 42-foot-long, custom, continuous art mural that spans 14 glass panels suspended from the ceiling. Created by Tulsa artist May Yang, the mural is based on local Oklahoma themes, transitioning from rural landscape to the Tulsa skyline.   Great Glazing: Joliet Junior College Campus...
  • A look at the leading manufacturers and fabricators of metal products, broken down by sales volume, number of locations and product offering. 
    Building on the success of the Top Glass Fabricators rankings introduced last year, Glass Magazine is expanding its coverage to include the Top Metal Companies, featuring the leading manufacturers and fabricators of metal products in the United States and Canada. The Top Metal Companies include those that manufacture, fabricate and sell curtain wall, storefront and entrance, commercial interior...
  • Read about the winners
    In an effort to spotlight the people who make the Glass Magazine Award-winning products and projects possible, this year’s program included people-centric categories, for which the industry submitted their picks for best installer, production supervisor, project manager and sales rep.After narrowing down the nominations to three finalists in each category, the Glass Magazine editors asked the...