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2007 U.S. Building Codes Poster

Jointly sponsored by ACI-Vitro America, GGI, Viracon and IGMA.

U.S. Building Codes 2007

It's easy to keep up with building code changes.
This 20 x 30 poster has four, easy-to-read color maps covering: 

  • Residential and commercial building codes
  • Residential energy codes
  • Commercial energy codes
  • Windborne debris protection state adoption schedule

Sources: International Code Council; National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards; Building codes Assistance Project; Department of Energy; Reed Construction Data

Guide to Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes

Guide to Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes

Glass Magazine offers for the first time a comprehensive guide to 75 adhesive products for contract glaziers. The chart features adhesives, sealants and tapes from 13 North American companies, and detailed information for each product in 24 different categories. Manufacturers also provided information about how the products conform to ASTM International and federal specifications. To add your adhesives to the database, email

Printing on Glass

Jointly sponsored by Arch Aluminum & Glass, General Glass International and Viracon.Printing on Glass

As featured in the May issue of Glass Magazine, this poster demonstrates the exacting steps involved in screen-printing on glass.  Patterns range from simple to complex. Standard prints emerge from the fabrication plant as geometrics with fixed sizes for dots, holes and lines. Each shape comes with a corresponding, preset, on-center position. Custom patterns may include different shaped prints, such as diamonds and ovals, landscape scenes or abstract art with different colors layered one on top of others.

The World of Glass

Sponsored by General Glass International

The World of Glass

As featured in the August issue of Glass Magazine, this map features the locations and owners of 173 float-glass plants across the world. Only plants that meet Western quality standards have been included in the map. Hundreds of other plants worldwide use sheet-glass and other production methods. The information was gathered from various resources and through numerous searches. Care has been taken to provide the latest and most accurate information as of July 1, 2005.