Could 3D Doodles Replace the Napkin Sketch?

3D printing has changed architecture and design, allowing designers to visualize in true 3D how buildings or building components will appear. It is beginning to change construction, with 3D printers in the works that are large enough to print on the jobsite. And it has changed the way many in the glass industry work with glazing and project design.

“We can go from napkin sketch to full-scale 3D at light speed, a capability that is greatly appreciated by our clients,” says Mic Patterson, director of strategic development for Enclos Corp. (View a video of Patterson discussing how Enclos has incorporated 3D printing at its Advanced Technology Studio in Los Angeles.)

Now, a new technology could even replace the napkin sketch—a 3D pen that enables doodling in three dimensions, without paper or other supports.

Perhaps future design team meetings will include 3D sketches from everyone at the table.

Katy Devlin, Editor, Glass Magazine
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