From the fabricator: The green hype

One of my favorite reads each week is from e-glass weekly's sister publication WDweekly. This past week, John Swanson had an interesting piece on whether the marketing boom of being "green" had run its course, and it's truly a great question. Two years ago, you could attach the word "green" to anything, and bam, you had an instant marketing piece. But there is no doubt that now other priorities, along with tightened budgets, have changed that. Plus, do not discount the fact that enough people reacted negatively to folks who "greenwashed," and that too has lessened the push. Green is a lifestyle that will persevere for years and years, but for now the marketing sparkle has surely dimmed. And maybe that's a good thing in the way that people will actually try to be green before they promote it. Anyway, this Wednesday, John will have a follow up on his question, and if you are not getting WDweekly, you can click here to sign up. Surely worth it.


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One of the disconnects with consumers is that they know about R16 and R20 based on homes they build, how can they relate to R2(U=.50), or R3(U=.33) and even R4(U=.25) that we have hard time acieving.  There is a need for education and explenation why we use U factors in one arena and R Factors in the other.

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