From the Fabricator: On the Ledge

Our industry made national news this week when "The Ledge” at Willis Tower in Chicago had a busted piece of glass. This now famous all-glass overlook suffered a breakage on its sacrificial layer, and to us glass people it's no big deal. But to the worldwide media, it was the opportunity for hysteria.

Usually the media only pays attention to us during ratings months when they do the classic—and overdone—investigative reports on mysterious glass breakages in your shower and patio table glass. So, this gave them something new to bring to the table and allow the mis-education to fester. After a couple of days, the folks writing the stories finally hit upon real experts to explain no one was in danger and so on, but by then it was too late. Maybe one of these days we’ll get proactive stories on things like our energy-efficient glass; dynamics; or hurricane-, safety- and fire-rated glazing. You know, products that make a REAL difference. I can dream, can’t I?



  • Thanks to the always classy James Wright of Glass Coatings and Concepts for some of the heads up on the above adventure. Always great to hear from you my friend!
  • The neatest story in a long time may be the one from Western Window Systems where one of their employees got company logo tattoos. Loyalty is tough anywhere in this world, so seeing someone care enough about the company he works for to make it permanent is a pretty cool thing.
  • Another industry retirement this past week. Phil Blizzard of YKK AP is hanging it up. Phil spent more than 30 years in the industry, and my interactions with him were always memorable. Simply, Phil is just a good guy. Enjoy your new life and catch lots of fish.
  • Check out this story about a giant bear taking a nap on a utility pole. It is surely clickable, because it’s not something you see every day!
  • Good luck this week to the folks in Canada at the Glass Connections Conference. From all indications, this show is primed to be fantastic, and I still remain bummed I’m unable to attend. Once again though, it continues the hot trend of trade shows and their effectiveness. 
  • On that note, registration is now open for GlassBuild America. Last week I noted the phenomenal new education set up, and this week the show is now open for business. With the floor loading up with innovative exhibitors from all over the world, it’s going to be epic!
  • Last this week, it’s now June. Soon we will be halfway through this year; it’s flying by for me. Maybe because we had no spring. Though I am thrilled to say I have not yet had to turn on my air conditioning. As someone who prefers to be cold than hot (theory being I can always add layers, love sweatshirts etc.), I usually jump to get the AC going. Now that I probably jinxed myself, it will be 90 here and when I do click the cold air on, it probably won’t work!


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