From the fabricator: Mr. Positive

In what could be considered a really ironic twist, I have been getting beaten up lately for being too positive. It’s funny because I used to be seriously negative, but I guess time and circumstance have mellowed me. The latest dust-up stems from when I talked about the fact that most people at last week’s industry get-together were trying to stay positive. I was taken to task by a few folks because they said it’s basically not true, the majority of our industry is not seeing what I am seeing and so on. And while I think I am more positive than most, I am not alone. This week, a few items came riding to my rescue.

First, on the residential side of things, the CEO of major U.S. homebuilder Toll Brothers said he “sees improvement everywhere." Then, in the always excellent WDWeekly, Senior Editor Christina Lewellen had a great piece about the housing industry showing signs of life. Lastly, the AIA ABI continued to be in positive territory for the fourth straight month. These are just a few of the factors I believe are part of bigger push forward. So, I think my optimism is in the right place. I am not overboard like the people I talked about a few weeks ago here, but I am staying on that positive side of the street.


  • Major omission from my BEC post: getting to see the best barrister in the entire land, Mr. Kim Mann. He looks so much calmer now that he doesn’t have to worry about what I might say or do!
  • Really interesting read with the owner of the Empire State Building here. His stance on LEED is absolutely refreshing, and in my opinion, completely correct.
  • You may have seen the interesting story about the lawsuit involving Apple and the person who walked into the glass wall. Here is this great piece on the history of people suing after they run into walls. Amazing.
  • Several weeks ago, I asked for Twitter recommendations and I have gathered a few that I will share with you all next week. So, if you have any that should be added to the list, feel free to drop me a line.
  • Baseball starts up in full this week, so I’ll go on record with my official (wrong) pick. I think the Battling Bucs will win it all. Go Pirates! Oh wait, that is an April Fools Day joke (a dream though really). We’ll go Yanks over an upstart Washington Nationals team in the World Series.
  • Last this week, yet another link…but very appropriate for the audience. This time, a video: Guardian Industries was featured in a very nice piece about “Made in Michigan” on a local TV station here. It was very cool to see it and was fun to hear people talking about glass the next day while I was out and about. Here’s the piece, excellent stuff…

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Max -You threw me for a loop with the new look. Looks like you could gig with Los Lobos or make a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory. Looking good!

LOL Thanks for the note... figured I'd go with a new approach right... kindler and gentler with a more funky/nerd like look. I appreciate the comment and you following the blog!