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Well, that sure was a doozy of an April Fool’s Day, eh? Now before I begin, I have to remind everyone that this is my blog, so it’s my opinion (not my company and not Glass Magazine’s) and it’s all on me. Obviously, the news that hit on April 1 was surprising, frustrating and upsetting. In my estimation, it surely didn’t paint an accurate picture of the company I work for (or the people I work with) and caused serious and unnecessary consternation for the fine folks here. Now all that said, I have to step back and say that I trust in the people I work for here in the U.S. and will await the various outcomes before I comment further. Needless to say, these are very interesting times in our world and not just for me and my coworkers either…


  • Looking back at BEC, I think of Andy Gum, the most prolific chair in the history of the BEC. Andy was leery of passing the baton to me because he was afraid that the group would lose its focus on the glazier. Now while the attendance of the glazier was weaker than in the past, the focus of the sessions was still squarely on the needs of the glazing contractor. Hopefully, like noted last week in this space, the mix in the crowd was more aberration than trend.
  • Some good news to report in our world: Two new industry babies were born recently. Cameron Scripture of Viracon (seriously one of the nicest guys in the world) welcomed a new baby as well as Angus MacMillan of Dorma. Boys, don’t let your babies grow up to be glass sales people… CONGRATS and best to you and the better half of you who did all the work!
  • This week, USA Today had a blurb from the CEO of Wal Mart predicting seriously higher inflation rates. And he sees it happening rapidly. That is surely worrisome.
  • The Department of Commerce just put another huge tariff on Chinese aluminum coming into the US. Which makes me wonder: How does Chinese glass avoid the same treatment? Seriously, what am I missing there?
  • Starting to get concerned that as we fight in Libya, the issues happening in the Ivory Coast are concerning as well. Man, do you ever think that the whole 2012 end of the world thing might actually be right?
  • Ok to finish, we’ll keep it lighter. Baseball has started, and here are my predictions on who will win it all… In the National League, I think the Phillies are just too good on the mound to beat in a short series. If the Reds can get the pitching they are the only team that can compete for the pennant there (in my mushy mind). In the AL, I like the Sox, both Red and White, to make the runs, but in the end the Yankees have too much to be stopped. In the WS, Phils over Yanks.

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Max Perilstein is chief marketing officer for Vitro Architectural Products, Memphis. Write him at

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Glass Association, Glass Magazine editors, or other glassblog contributors. 


Hey Max, It was great to see you at BEC this year,I agree with your comments above, we were way down with the glazer this year.  I hate to be the guy in your future blogs opposite Andy with the lowest attendance!  Please don't do that to me!It was tough getting all that we did this year.  I hate to leave BEC at a low point so I want to try and get the "Max" momentum back going! Take care and so good to see ya again. Henry

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