Warning: Fake shipping company scam

UPDATE (July 21, 2014):

In January 2009, I wrote this blog in response to a flood of emails I had received regarding a fake shipping scam targeted at small and mid-sized businesses that can cost companies upwards of $10,000, in addition to lost product and time. 

In the more than four years since publishing the blog originally, the post has received hundreds of comments from business owners worldwide that have been victims, or near-victims to these scammers. Several of these owners have offered a number of new red flags to help business owners spot these scams.

This blog update includes the new red flags and additional tips for business owners. Make sure your customer service and sales team is aware of the scam, so you catch on before you get caught. 

UPDATED: Red flags for fraud

  • Email orders with numerous typos and grammatical problems
  • Orders for large quantities product 
  • Orders that require long-distance shipping (often for products that could be easily sourced from a local supplier)
  • Orders that request use of a shipping company chosen only by the customer (unfamiliar companies that are not easily discovered in an Internet search)
  • Orders paid for with a credit card that has a different billing address than the shipping address
  • Orders from a Gmail, Yahoo or other free email account
  • Email orders with an overseas timestamp (often the timestamp doesn’t match the stated location of the purchaser)
  • Quotes for freight do not include a phone number
  • Orders through relay operator for the hearing impaired 

In August, we launched a Scam Alert page on GlassMagazine.com to alert readers of fraudulent ordering schemes, including scams using fake shipping companies. Since posting the warning page, I have received numerous e-mails and calls from small business owners and managers in and out of the industry who have been affected. The same scams that have plagued the glass industry have hit vinyl dealers, print shops and even ice cream truck suppliers. Many owners caught the scam in time. Others were not so lucky.

I don’t want to belabor the point—I have blogged and reported on these scams previously--but the best way, and seemingly the only way, to beat a scam is to stop it before it happens. Know their tactics. Know the red flags.

According to my scam sources (a.k.a., business owners that have been scammed or nearly scammed), this is how the fake shipping company scam usually works:

  • A customer contacts a shop via relay operator or e-mail to order a large quantity of product; in the glass industry, it’s usually 1/8-inch or ¼-inch annealed glass. (Red flags: The email exchanges are often littered with misspellings and poor grammar, and often come from a Gmail, Yahoo or similar free e-mail account.)

  • The customer wants to pay for the product with a credit card and wants to ship the order a large distance, sometimes the end destination is across the country, sometimes it’s on another continent. The purchasing credit card is usually stolen. (Red flags: Scammers usually place an order for products they could easily get from a local shop, and the credit card billing address doesn't match the shipping address.)

  • The customer says they want to use their preferred shipping company to transport the product. The customer asks the business to pay the delivery company directly and says they will send a check or money order the business to repay the delivery costs. (Red flag: Business owners have reported scammers request to use the shipping companies AGC Delivery International, Ox Direct Shippers or Cargo Trust Shipping Freight Co.)

  • After the business has paid the delivery company, the scammer’s check or money order won’t go through, leaving the business without the thousands of dollars of delivery costs and with wasted product.

“We almost got taken. We had a order for approximately $12,000.00 to be shipped to Ghana. $6000.00 of that was shipping to be paid to via money gram to Agc Delivery International,” one business owner told me in a recent email. "I did not start checking things out until the three cards they gave me were declined. I typed the delivery company and your site popped up.”

Visit the Scam Alert page to see the latest postings from other business owners.

If you are contacted by a scammer, tell your peers and tell us. We’ll anonymously post your scam stories, fraud identification tips and any other advice you have on our Scam Alert page to help warn other business owners. Leave a comment on this blog, or e-mail me directly.

Katy Devlin, Editor, Glass Magazine
The opinions expressed here and in reader comments are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Glass Association, Glass Magazine editors, or other glassblog contributors.


I have been in business for two years now and almost like clock work every few months I get these requests, often the sender is said to be a pastor of a church they are building in another country, never close to home, spelling is terrible, and if I e-mail (just to mess with them) and ask questions they do not respond back. I’m sorry to hear others have been taken by this scam, the loss must be devastating.
world-ship.ru web site is a totally scam, they will tell you that they going to pay by the end of the month, but you dont get paid, worst thing is that you reship the parcel which sent to you by unknown person, they will got all your information, and the parcel you receive is not going to be under your name, it means they are using someone else's credit card, please be aware! It is Russian fake company. I was a victim of this fraud. They will say everything is legal and we have web site bla bla bla. Just dont give your personal information (bank account number) and so on because they will use it against you some day,You will see many many parcels delivered to your home address and you will be asked to resend them, please dont do it. Once again www.world-ship.ru
tThis was the email I received. I almost fell for it too until I did a little bit of research. About us The company was founded in 2007 to provide logistics operations. Since then, our company became a top rate corporation, managing freight for small, medium and large sized businesses. Today we support a full range of services based on the individual needs of our customers through our offices and trusted agents worldwide. Logistics It is developing, implementing, carrying out and controlling the efficiency of rational prices for the amount of raw materials, finished goods and related data from the original supplier to the moment of consumption in order to fulfill the needs. It frequently means reconsideration (and not just conforming) the customers' needs. The logistics company always offers different decisions for the customers by providing them decisions that will lead to greater results, profit and success that they may have originally imagined compared to the original expectations. We are now extending our staff and looking for more employees for currently available vacancy of local delivery coordinator that fit following responsibilities: - Filling stockroom with orders in proper and timely way; - Reporting to a supervisor regarding the quantity and quality of shipping goods; - Verifying upon the orders list; - Recording all the mismatch; - Receiving incoming materials; - Checking delivered goods; - Provide customers with timely shipments; Including, but is not limited to the following: Available space in the residential area for local delivery and service.Operation with Logistics and the PC manager to ensure the capacity matches the funds, supplies and overtime plan.Daily presence at a home residence during business hours from 8 AM to 5 PM. Receiving parcels, then shipping them out at the post office with pre-paid labels provided by the company.Overlooking the level of service and schedule daily shipment.Reviewing a zip code.Assign the frequency of delivery to a zip where needed.Approving a normal list of shipments. The LD Manager will be on site depending on severity.The distribution manager ensures the time is as assigned.Compensated overtime control. Shipping Clerk requirements: - Secondary and/or vocational school - with logistics related studies referred; - To be concentrated on the objectives of the day; - Experienced in using MS Office and Google software; - Networking skills; - Accurate analytical competencies and immediate response; - Good PC skills. Kind regards, Kelly Jones k.jones@world2ship.com Domestic logistics manager World2Ship LLC 3105 Limestone Rd, Wilmington, DE 19808
I got this email today
I just got the same e-mail today good thing I always do my research thanks for this information.
I want to add another scam shipping company called executive shippers LLC. I felt in my gut that it was a scam but like many others I got scamed. The difference with this scam they were professional all the way to the end of the month then they won't pay what they promised. Whereas shipments where coming in throughout the month, like they said it would. Then they will only contact you by email, and if they do try to call it was from all different numbers. Then what made it seemed legit they will make deposits to make seem like they were verifying your account, lastly when it came to paying me my salary they didn't. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!
Were they from California...I think my husband got caught up in this scam...so sad!!!
I have a glass company that does custom shower doors and it wasn't until I advertised on craigslist.com that I received a similar email.It was from a Pastor John Landes and he wanted a 100 pieces of tempered glass for windows in an orphanage in Africa. Red flags all over the place.The fonts were blue, spelling and grammar mistakes across the board and lastly, the address of the orphanage in Africa was clearly not accurate as I mail packages monthly to my Father and 673 Ring Road, West Africa sounded so bogus it was laughable. The name of "his" preferred shipping company was Express Ship International and the email was from a gmail account. Also, I emailed him to ask where he heard about us because I like to know which advertising is effective and he didn't bother to email back. Bottom line: If you can't do business over the phone after introducing yourself via email then, we can't do business. Period.That's what I told him. Always go with your gut too. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
We almost got taken. I work for an Air Conditioning company. We were contactedFor A/C filter. We ordered the filters, but I was suspicious. The guy wanted to make sure we prepaid the shipping company. He gave us three credit cards finally the last one went through. All the info he gave me was very similar to what they gave the glass company. The Joy Lin Foundation 101 Goodwill St Accra, Ghana 00233.All I can say is be careful.
Thanks for the comments, all, and the suggestions. Anonymous No. 2, I think your phone policy is a very good one. A few years ago many scammers were using hearing impaired operators to get through. But, lately it's just been via email. Thanks again, and keep us updated.
I have just had this happen to me the past few days. Inever got stung though. I run an online business and had a request for huge amounts of zip locks bags... I thought it was suss right away.. So I went and done some reasearch and found out for sure it was a scam... I did ask them heaps of questions and ask them to fill in a form and never heard back from them...The Pastor said he was in QLD I traced his IP back to GHANA.. I do warn people out there of this scam so they do not get sucked in.. I even told them to go elsewhere as they could get the items for 1/2 the price... but they weren't into that... SCAMMERS how do they come up with this stuff... Here is some info just in case you come across the scam... Rev Walter Smith... Shipping company- Mr Bonsu Mensah.Imesh Express shipping company the address to post to Sister Margret Asante,c/o Central gospel Church 673 Ring Road ,Accra Ghana 00233,West Africa .Phone: 00233 242 568117 So if any info like this comes up for you.. STAY AWAY...
Thanks to your blog I was spared. I had it in my mind that it was not right and sure enough. And you are also correct they are spreading out of the Glass industry as we are a print shop.regards,
Thanks so much!! I was very leary and now I'm glad I searched for "Joy Lin" Accra GhanaGuess there is no way to get these people arrested, drawn and quartered like William Wallace?
I received this Friday from: Darren Luke14 Front Street.Danielson,Ct,06239darrenluke90@gmail.comJoy Lin Foundation101 Goodwill StAccra,Ghana,00233preferred shipping companyMobo Shipping CompanyThey are requesting over $60,000.00 in retail merchandise. Yes I know they are a scam. No I did not accept there order. anyways the IRS requires a Form 8300 be filled out for all retail sales over $10,000.00 even if the sales are to be shipped out of country.
Thank you for this blog. It gave me the information I needed to avoid a bad order. Keep up the good work.
They just got me. I have a print shop.How to follow it up?I'd like to talk or e-mail with somebody how to get out of it and what are the consequences.Ralf
We are a small floormat company and we were contacted by a "Reverend Larry" who wanted us to ship a large quantity of product to an orphange in Ghana. Sounds good right? but then we began to question why an orphanage would want a product meant to protect car interiors, measuring 17x22. Another suspicious item was when our sales manager questioned the quantity he went from wanting 40,000 floormats to 4000 (price difference of about $1300). My manager came to me with a nagging feeling so I googled the "Reverend's" name and found nothing, the orphanage name as well with the same result. Then I entered the address and this is where I came across your blog. I read a few posts and the shipping company they use is exactly the same. Incidentally, the orphanage's name and contact is as follows:Continental Church Orphanage HomeSister Margret Asante673 Ring RoadAccra Ghana 00233
agictiI have a printshop and sell envelopes online. I received an order from a Rev. Mikel Green for 60,000 envelopes in a special size and color. He paid for it with a credit card. Than he made me arrange the shipping with a company he provided me with. This company is in Accra, Ghana. This got me suspicious already and I thought when they operate in the States they must have some kind of office or account here. But than I found out with Citi bank that it is very simple to wire the money to the allegedly account in Ghana. And I did. What throws me off is that no Red Flag got off at Citi bank when I sent this money to Accra/Ghana. They must have come across with this scam in the past.After I send the guy an e-mail where I accused him to be a fraud, he even responded and denied everything. Here is the response:Hello Ralph Thanks for the email responds back well i cant just believe that you called me a fraudster I don't know what is going on i am was on a business trip to UK and i want to know how my order is going okay i am back to the state and i want to proceed with the order So if you will please let me know what is going on so that we can proceed okay. hope to hear from you soonRev. Mikel GreenIsn't that amazing and scary at the same time...
We have just been contacted by the same people but made to look as though it was from a UK company but misdirected. Our products require special shipping and they did not ask for details and cost which set off the alarm at this end. We also contacted the front company who did not know that their computers were being hijacked
I just read the glassblog after searching the internet on the name Joy Lin Foundation. Yesterday, I received the following email from James Larry. My email address was not listed on the email as though it was a blind cc and the company email address listed was for an unrelated filter company located in Fresno, California. I found this very odd as did other company associates who received the same broadcast email on Saturday.
Thank you all for your additional comments. I updated our Scam Alert page on Glass Magazine.com to include these new fake shipping company names. http://www.glassmagazine.com/article/retail/scam-alertTo respond to the questions about what to do and where to go... Some businesses in the U.S. have had some luck going to their FBI field offices. http://www.fbi.gov/contact/fo/fo.htm You can also post complaints via FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center: www.ic3.gov. If anyone in the UK has had any success getting help from your authorities, please pass along any information. I'll do some investigating on this end too.
Thanks for our comments...I was just ready to be fraude .....the person writing to me write with the name of Richard ParkersonPAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Received this yesterday..21 March 2009 05:54:00 To: Dear Sirs/MadamI would like to know if you help me purchase wedding gowns and can you get back to me via email with the types and prices of the ones you have available in stock.Let me know and advise if you accept credit card payment.Darren Luke0703 184 8639In response to my reply i got the following response this morning:- Thank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to Mobo Shipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch in Ghana and i will like you to email them with the total weight of the unit together with the pick up and delivery address , So that they can get you the shipping cost. below is my branch address: Joy Lin Foundation101 Goodwill StAccra,Ghana,00233 The contact email to Mobo Shipping Company is mslaf_shipping_co@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contact them now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you to bill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shipping cost. Best Regards.Darren389 edgeware roadNW 2 6LHLondonThanks to your blog, i didnt go with it.. There must be some where we can report these conmen.. after reading your blog i feel I should go to the police.. not sure what to do with it with it being an internet con..
in terms of trying to get these people caught. Maybe we can at least set up the false shipping companies. let them come for the pick up of the product, and have the police there waiting to make an arrest. I mean it seems that simple, but it probably isn't. It's a thought though.
Filter company in iowa. Samething happened to us this am. A john Sizemore tried to do samething. We stop all cmuunications after we coudn't find shipping company on line. He called us later but hung up on us. he used phone # 404-397-1969. Look out for him. 03/23/09
Anonymous said.....I delt with John Sizemore this morning too via e-mail. He wanted to order 200 of our cartridges and wanted me to contact this shipping company thru a link that he gave me. We did our homework here too and found this website. I did notice the very bad grammer in his e-mails and he would reply with in a minute...we went back and forth for a while and once I told him that I knew he was a scam....I have not heard from him since. Watch out for this guy!!!!
hi guys,I work for a computer game company in South Australia.We were recently contacted by Rev. Walter Smith. Apparently he sent the email to every single one of our stores in australia.. Obviously a fake. Took a while to convince other managers though who could only see the dollar value of the transaction.My advice is just to check the email addresses, ours was sent via mm@yahoo.com which wasnt the address he told us his contact was.. and the shipping company was a gmail one or something similar. If you are a shipping company i dare say you have your own domain and email addresses.Thanks so much for this blog.Oh also, it was the IMESH EXPRESS freight company, with MR Bonsu Mensah as the contact
We are a sign company who received a request for 100,000 printed labels. We were advised to use the reccomended shipping company called - Mobo Shipping Company. I googled this name and your timely warning saved us from being scammed. The name used was Darren Luke Mugiree Foundation, 101, Goodwill St. Accra, Ghana 00233.
I work in the Marketing department at an ice maker and storage equipment manufacturer, and we have received several of these scams in the past two weeks, all of them following the same progression of events. The first came from Rev. Ryan Moore who was setting up an orphanage in Ghana. That one made it as far as our sales representative. When he informed the good reverend that we do not contact shipping companies, the revered hung up on him. The second one came the very next day from John Larry who wanted ice makers shipped to Togo, Africa. I googled the email address and name, and identified John Larry in a blog for -- of all things -- Russian mail order brides. Fortunately he wasn't trying to get Russian brides shipped to Africa ;-) , but it seems he tried to scam a U.K. wedding flower company in similar fashion. The owner caught on before she shipped anything, and posted her encounter on the blog as a warning. Our department ceased corresponding with Mr. Larry when he requested we contact his shipping company to make arrangements, and he never contacted us again. The third one arrived today from Darren Luke, the gentleman noted in your blog. We are not responding to him at all. I reported the first two to Yahoo's Abuse Report since they perpetrated the fraud using Yahoo email addresses. Yahoo said they were investigating the incidents. I will report Darren Luke to Google and see what happens. Thanks for your blog warning about these scams. By googling the names and emails I was able to find your blog and others with this great information and prevent my company from losing thousands of dollars as well as equipment.
Hi there,I recived the same:Hello Thank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to Mobo Shipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch in Ghana and i will like you to email them with the total weight of the unit together with the pick up and delivery address , So that they can get you the shipping cost. below is my branch address: Joy Lin Foundation101 Goodwill StAccra,Ghana,00233 The contact email to Mobo Shipping Company is mslaf_shipping_co@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contact them now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you to bill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shipping cost.Note:I need the Heat Treatment Best Regards.DarrenI will not reply any more.Thanks!!!
Hi all,We are a pallet manufacturer, I got the following e-mail this morning. It shows he has knowledge about pallet, make me feel it was a real business. He left a phone number, and I search it online, and now I got it is a scam. Thanks for your blog. And here I post my story for reference of others."Dear Sir/MadamWe require Pallet and we would like to know if you can get a 800 millimeters by 1200 millimeters. pallet for us,Can you get back to us with the price for each so we can decide on the final quantity.Advise if you accept credit card payment.Best RegardsDarren Luke0703 184 8639"
Hi,I was contacted via email by Mr. Bonsu Mensah. After searching on the internet about Imesh Express Shipping Company I was directed to your website. Thank you for posting this scam on the internet! As you are aware, the current climate is having a significant adverse effect on the global business. You saved our company from losing thousands of dollars.
Thanks for that Info.Daren Luke want me to ship 25.000 new EUR-1 Pallets with Mobo Shipping Company to Ghana...Joy Lin Foundation101 Goodwill StAccra,Ghana,00233I´m glad i´ve found this blog....Thanks a lot.
One tactic I've used to stop them: ask for the number of the cardholder and the issuing bank, so you can make a "courtesy call" authorizing the transaction. They won't give it to you, and they won't call back.
We got this request:Dear Sir/MadamWe require a 20 x 20 inch outdoor banner,Can you send pricing for 100 pcs printed one sided on vinyl material.Advise if you accept credit card payment.Best Regards.Darren Luke Fortuneatley we've figured out that these are fake.
Has somebody experience with insurance to cover the loss? My insurance "Nationwide" does not cover any of it. Ralf
Continental Church Orphanage Home,673 Ring Road,Accra Ghana 00233 is where they want me to ship to.Why an orphanage would want 200+ pairs of hockey shin pads is beyond me... ;)The original e-mail asked for 200 pics (meant pcs I assume) so I have upsold him on a photo shoot with a one legged, slightly unattractive model to better give him a feel the available product. He also believes that I am the sole beneficiary of a deceased African Princess to the tune of $10million.I wonder when I will get bored with Rev. Mikelarry.
Well the SCAM continues . . . We are a Soy Candle manufacturer in Illinois and we were contacted by the same organization or individual, Michael Daley with MOBO Shipping Co in Ghana and one email was signed by Darren. Our order was only for 500 candles but I was a little skeptical at first myself when repeated attempts to get detailed information about their order persisted with vague answers. Now that I am armed with this information I can thwart their attempts. THANKS TO ALL
Thank Re: price and jars From: Michael Stewart rsmike90@gmail.com To: Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 1:37 pm Hello Thank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to Mobo Shipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch in Ghana and i will like you to email them with the total weight of the unit together with the pick up and delivery address , So that they can get you the shipping cost. below is my branch address: Mugiree Foundation101 Goodwill StAccra,Ghana,00233 The contact email to Mobo Shipping Company and i will like you to go ahead and contact them now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you to bill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shipping cost. Best Regards.Mike14 front stDanielson,ct,0623On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 5:42 AM, Mike,empty jar cost... $460 at $.046 eachFilling Jars......... $2,000 at$2.00 each... .total $2,535Shipping Filled jars to you .I don't know where you are from. Weight after filled app. 300 lbs If I have your zip code I can get you a shipping price.Here is the email I was sent
Thank you for your blog site. We are a very small candle company and were asked to ship 1,000 candles to Ghana for the Mirgiree Foundation. The whole thing sounded scammy from the beginning. Thanks to you, we avoided the scam. Keep up the good work. Can we report this to the authorities? Who would we contact?
I received the e-mail below this morning. The spelling was OK on the request e-mails though they were very short and vague up until this e-mail this morning. I was skeptical in the first e-mail but pushed for more information and details, they were looking to establish a relationship to buy 1,000 candles per month, which is an extremely large amount. I realized the scam when they wanted the product shipped overseas and were still vague about the payment.****From: Michael Stewart rsmike90@gmail.comTo: Customer Service customerservice@heavenscentsoycandles.netDate: 08 Apr 2009, 01:35:26 AMSubject: Re: CandlesHello Thank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to MoboShipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch in Ghanaand i will like you to email them with the total weight of the unittogether with the pick up and delivery address , So that they can getyou the shipping cost. below is my branch address:Mugiree Foundation101 Goodwill StAccra,Ghana,00233The contact email to Mobo Shipping Company ismslaf_shipping_co@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contactthem now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you tobill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shipping cost. PS.I need mixed scentsBest Regards.Mike14 front stdanielson,ct,06239
I received an email last week from a:Darren14 frontDanielson,CT,06239Requesting my address to ship 1000 soy candles to, he was going to pay by credit card and wanted me to contact Mobo Shipping.....Thanks to your information and posts I now know I will not be responding anymore to this person.I have been skeptical but this page just confirmed my worries.
We received an email from Michael Daley requesting 20 fire extinguishers to be sent to the Mugiree Foundation, 101 Goodwill Street, Accra, Ghana 00233. The email read "I will like to recommend you to Mobo Shipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch in Ghana . . . the contact is mslafshippingco@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contact them now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you to bill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shipping cost." Needless to say, I smelt a rat and decided to Google the Mugiree Foundation and came up with this website. This was my reply to Mr Daley: "Hello, just to let you know, if you want to scam businesses in England, may I suggest that you change your first name to Arthur, Mr. Daley. Nice try. p.s. If you wish, I could find out the cost of despatching several large pallets of bullshit to your branch in Ghana..."
The same thing again, with the same mobile number. Asking for 100,000 greeting cards. Unfortunately I spent money phoning the guy to get more details first.From: Michael Stewart [mailto:rsmike90@gmail.com] Sent: 10 April 2009 16:52Subject: Greeting Card Dear Sir/MadamQuote for the below:Card Type: Greeting CardSizes:A5 Paper Stock Cover: 330 gram Qty:100,000 cardsAdvise if you accept credit card payment.Best RegardsMichael Stewart
Lousy spelling. Our product really had nothing to do with what he originally requested. Threw a large price at him and he accepted immediately. He'll even call. Some of waht he wrote:"Thanks for the quote.the price for all the order is okay with me.i want you to contact the Smart Movers Shipping company now and get me the shipping charges.i will like you to mail the with the weight,pick up location,destination and the name of the product they are going to pick up so that you can get me the shipping charges please.their contact details is below:Company Name: Smart Movers Shipping CompanyContact Name: Mr. Patrick KorangContact Email Address: smartmoversshippingco@gmail.comShipping Address:Mrs. Mary Williams 456 combat street ave. Accra Ghana 00233as soon as you get the shipping charges add it to the total price of the product and send me the Grand Total so that we can move on with the payment please.please adviseRev Larry."
I just got an inquiry this morning. It seemed fraudulent so I searched Mobo Shipping in Google and arrived at this page. Here is the latest email:Hello Thank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to Mobo Shipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch in Ghana and i will like you to email them with the total weight of the unit together with the pick up and delivery address , So that they can get you the shipping cost. below is my branch address: Mugiree Foundation101 Goodwill StAccra,Ghana,00233 The contact email to Mobo Shipping Company is mslaf_shipping_co@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contact them now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you to bill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shipping cost. Best Regards.Darren14 front stdanielson,ct,06239
I recieved one from the same email address like this...-----Original Message-----From: Darren Luke [mailto:darrenluke90@gmail.com]Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 2:35 AMSubject: Fish EqDear SirWe require to know if you can helps us purchase fish farm equipmentt,Kindly get back us to the equipment as well as pricing for it and advise if you accept credit card payment.Best RegardsDarren
HiWe have a Richard Hawkson that wants to send 100 cabinets to South African Charty Homes and Orphans In Johannesburg with a shipper that calls themselves Universal Allied shipping co. ltd, St Allied Shipping co,and Allied Shipping Co. all in the same email .Has anyone heard of any of these ?
We have customer wanting to use this St Allied Shipping Co... they want to pay us for our product and shipping, then for us to pay St Allied Shipping Co directly. Seems fishy to me. How did your transaction work out?
darrenluke90 emailed me wanting a large reverse osmosis system. A quick search on his email address, you guys saved my bacon. Thanks!
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