Warning: Fake shipping company scam


darrenluke90 emailed me wanting a large reverse osmosis system. A quick search on his email address, you guys saved my bacon. Thanks!
Thanks! I'm an appliance company, and exact same wording as the others...this time looking for an ice machine!So glad this blog was created. The emails I received were from a Michael Stewart with the phony shipping company and Ghana info.
From: John Willson [mailto:churchofpenticost@gmail.com] Sent: April 23, 2009 3:33 AMSubject: Urgent OrderGood Day, My name is Rev..John Willson and I have contact you to know if you can make me an inquiry of some Labels.Below is the type of Labels I want to order: Label Ref: “ CHURCH OF PENTICOST ” Label Size: 4" wide (across web) x 1-1/3" high Material: - (White High Gloss) Adhesive: Permanent acrylic. Outdoor Application hand application Ink: 2 Colors outdoor inks {PMS numbers required) Presentation:- Rolls of approx 2,500 labels. Quantity:-150,000 I will like you to go ahead and e-mail me back with the quotes Price of the Labels and the terms or forms of Payments you do accept for us to proceed...Hope to hear from you and have A Nice working day. Regards Rev John
We are currently dealing with someone by the name of Rev. Kelvin Smith. He is being very admit about us paying for shipping, but that he will pay us via credit card right away. My boss and I both felt this to be a scam. I had my boss email the shipping company to inform them that they will need to have the Rev. pay for the shipping, and supplied the email to which the shipping company could contact him at. The shipping company's name was stated to be: Smart Movers Shipping Company.The email responded back to us from the shipping company is below:Thank you for getting back to us.we dont accept credit card for now.we are apllying for one.we will need you to get the funds from the customer and pay us.since you are the contact us thats why we want you let Him pay you so that you will pay us directly.we will be waiting for your respond.Like everyone else.. the ship to address is the same.. 456 Combat Street Ave.Accra, Ghana 00233Thank you for the blog post and I hope more people see this and catch this, before they pay the shipping charges.
We have been in the toy business on the Internet for 13 years and like clockwork we get requests like this 2 or 3 times a year. Usually they want toys for an orphanage or school in Africa. We were taken one time. Not again!

Did you have to pay back the money? or did you have sufficient proof?

Thank you in advance!

I got an email request to buy a very large amount of Synthetic Grass to ship to an address in Sweden. He called himself Marcus Brown, and he wanted to use his own shipper which was Open Klass Shipping Inc. I called my supplier and they got a similar email wanting even more. 4 of the 6 credit cards were denied.The shipping company doesn't exist on the internet.The address was not found in Google or UPS.comThe buyer didn't even want a sample or to specify what kind he likes.Red Flags across the board.
We are a picture frame manufacturer. The Rev. Larry Clark contacted us through are on-line quote request option. Of course he want a price on (45) picture frames. After the price looked good he wanted a price for (300). The ext day he sent a email wanting us to contact "Smart Movers Shipping Company" to send the order to Ghana. This sent up a red flag. The email at Smart Movers was a gmail account. This seemed strange because a company large enough to be a international freight forwarded would have a website email address. I did a goggle web search and found this website. Thank you, for helping me not waste and more time or worse loose money
One more to add to the collection - a colleague mentioned he'd had a weird request to send banners to a Catholic orphanage in South Africa, via a shipping company that only had a gmail address. I remembered an article in smh.com.au about this and googled "Universal Access Shipping" and your site came up.

We were scammed be this company. Guy by the name of Brain Williams wanted 1 truck body. He paid with credit card but wanted to do in 2 tranactions. Then he wanted to ship through Succeed Global Logistics only. After the purchase was accepted by credit card, then I began to shipping process. Succeed Global Logistics would only take debit or cash through Western Union, so I used debit (. Nevertheless, I paid over 9000.00 in shipping/frieght and IT WAS A SCAM!!!!!!!  This jerk got our money straight into his account.  THANK YOU FOR HAVING THIS WEBSITE.  I ONLY WISH I HAVE SEEN IT SOONER!!!!!Anonymous

Same thing here. His name was "Bryan Willams Jr." wanted to purchase 3 heaters from us and wanted it shipped through "Global Logistics" all the way to Serbia.

The same guy "bryan" 10/12/12 wants a generator sent to Serbia, he told me the spec and I knew somthing was wrong because that area of the world only uses 50 HZ generators and the USA uses 60 HZ. He also wanted it shipped through succeed. So I looked it up and could not find that company, instead I found this list of fraud.

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Did you report this guy?

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My company almost got scammed. We were contacted by someone named "Bishop Mas lean Williams", requesting a large order of science textbooks. The emails were full of grammatical errors, and it looked fishy from the start. We were playing it safe, and not paying the shipping company (Seaway International Shipping seawayshippings@rocketmail.com) until we secured the money from the customer's credit card. We then received two credit card numbers from the customer, and were requested to make two separate charges to each credit card (4 charges total). This went over the top, so we did a search and found your post. We will be reporting the credit card numbers to the authorities, as they are either fake or stolen. Thank you so much for making this post. Here are the addresses they gave us:Shipping address:Lambert and Co. Inc.101 Goodwill StAccra, Ghana,00233Billing Address:Bishop Mas lean Williams595 Mooney RoadSaint Johnsbury, VERMONT 05819USA.

Becarefule this kind of email.I am almost got scammed. Dear Sir/MadammMy name is Bishop Hill Johnson of Creative Innovations.I would like to order some flyers..I am interested in the ff.1.Flyer size : (5.5"x8.5) 2.Paper type : (100lb.paper gloss)3.Folding    : ( None)4.Printed side : (Front only) 5.Qunatity : ( 80,000 pieces )I want you to get back to me with the total price of the 80,000 copies of the flyers and also the method of payment you do accept so we can proceed...I wish you all the best in business and hope to hear from you soon .. Best RegardsJesus is the LordBishop Hill Johnson

What email address did this scammer use? Easier to block;)

Thanks so much for posting this. I run a bookstore and received this e-mail yesterday with the subject line "Books":Dear Sir/MadamWe would like to purchase some books and would like you to get back to us with the Name,Type and price list of the books you currently have in stock and also advise if you accept credit card payment.Best RegardsMichael StewartBanes Foundation14 front stDanielson,Ct,06239It looked shady, so I e-mailed back and asked if there were any particular books he was interested in. He sent me names of books I have listed as highlighted titles on my web site. I googled his address and landed on this site. Thank you for this post!
Our funeral home received this today:Dear Sir/MadamWe require to know if you can help us purchase a casket.We require you to send pricing for the ones you have instock ready for shipment and also advise us if you accept credit card payment.Best RegardsDarren LukeBanes FoundationOwner0703 184 8639
I operate a small locksmith business and received an email from a Kelvin Smith who placed two orders for a specific type of padlock. Each order was a quantity of ninety Padlocks worth around $7000.00 plus shipping of a little over $2800.00. Which was paid for and approved by a single credit card.(co. policy before orders are finalized.)I was sent another email to send a money gram to Universal Allied Shipping Co.of his choice to an orphanage in South Africa(major red flag). Which was not spelled correctly.Their was a lot of spelling mistakes and poor grammar.Then when i did not respond to his email quickly enough for his liken i received a phone call in which he said he was heading out of the country on urgent business and needed me to send the money gram to the shipping co. right away. I told him that i could not finalize the order until certain criteria was met on his part.1)a copy of his credit card with signature. 2)copies of three pieces of ID.3)Complete address,phone number and contact of the Shipping Co.4)Verification from the issuing credit card co.. After i requested this information, he has stopped calling and emailing me.
Hi, I think I got a similar problemcould someone of you who knows about it check this homepage: http://www.ship-to.net/index.html I'm not sure but I think I got fucked over by them. I'm a german and got offered this job delivering parcels for an "international company". In the beginning I really thought it was a scam cause I recieved emails from victor.ross@yahoo.com but then he had a genuine email adressand send me this email from vacancy@ship-to.netto anna gmail.com>date Sat, May 16, 2009 at 4:49 AMsubject Re: Antwort auf deine Anzeige bei Kijiji mit dem Titel "Internationale Firma sucht Boten.".May 16 (12 days ago) Reply Follow up messageHello Ms. xx,I`m Victor Ross, executive manager of "Ship-to" company. I'm glad that you are interestingwith position of courier. Our company specialize in logistics and priority courier serviceby hand-carrying of valuable items, both worldwide or nationally.According to our needs, we hire personnel who can take position of courier within theirregion. Please take in consideration that this position does not require daily presence inan office. The activities are very simple. It is designed to work at your home. If you have2-3 hours of free time within a day, then you can easily succeed in this business. Ouradministrators will assist you, guide you and support you in every step of your businesswith us. Since we don`t have a branch of our company in Berlin yet, this job is distant andhome - based.The packages will not be very heavy so you can use public transport. In outstanding casesour company will cover all transportation fees.On this position you will be responsible:- receive and collect valuable packages with electronicsfrom suppliers, online auctions, shops- managing and resending packages to the final recipients throughpost services such as Fedex, UPS, TNT, etc.Payment will be realized for the each managed package + you will get bonuses (digitalcameras, mobile phones, etc).To start working with us we need your permanent address, mobile phone number and also werequire to send us a scanned copy of any government issued ID (passport, driver license,etc). After you will provide us with all required information you will begin receivingpackages from suppliers with electronic devices such as notebooks, digital cameras, etc. Youwill collect those packages and will resend it to the final recipient using postal courierservices.You will be supplied with prepaid UPS, Fedex labels for sending the packages.Feel free to ask any questions.Kind regards,Victor RossI don't know why I did it but I had a look at their homepage and really wanted to work.So, I shouldnt have done this forwarded my details and as well a copy of me ID.But now I recieved this 700$ package from a german fragrance company and apparently it got paid per credit card but on the bill it does not tell by whom its just my name as the shipping adress and as the bills adress.I asked the fragrance company about the credit card details and stuff and told them that I havent ordered the package. And they want me of course to send the package back. But I'm afraid this VICTOR ROSS will use my details to order more stuffCould someone give me some advise, please!Anna
I have just had this happen to me. I have a Boat Sales business and irec'd a call via a operator assist call(relay call) to buy a boat i have listed on the Boattraders.comThe customer wanted the boat shipped to Ghana using his shippingcompany. The shipping co. wanted abank wire transfer of funds. I googled that co. and found your blog. thank you.
We had a similar scam last month from Bernard morrison and we did not get taken we refused to send any money. So when i got the email below i googled the sender and got your siteJohn Willson [churchofpenticost@gmail.com]Good Day ,Do you sell bells in stock if yes let me know if you do have this types Bells & Wind Bells Doorbells & Ship's Bells Sculpture.And if you dont have this types kindly let me know the types you do have in stock as well as the price range so that we can proceed and also do let me know the form of the payment you do accept waiting,Regards,Rev John.--Jesus love you
Thank you!!!We had an order for 20 catcher hooks on recovery trucks.My gut feeling kicked in just as we were about to wire the money. So I checked the net and found your website.He said he was called Bill jackson or Mr Bill.This is what they said.Email 1:Please i will be traveling to Michigan for a Church Crusade and i will like you to contact Free Cargo Shipping Company by email on my behalves: (freecargoshipping@lycos.com) with the pick up address of your company to the delivery address bellow and get back to as soon as possible with the freight cost so that i can proceed to all the payment now.......Email 2:Thank you very much for the reply on my order and i really appreciate working with your Company ,Please i will be traveling to Michigan for a Church Crusade and i will like you to contact Free Cargo Shipping Company by email on my behalves: (freecargoshipping@lycos.com) with the pick up address of your company to the delivery address bellow and get back to as soon as possible with the freight cost so that i can proceed to all the payment now.......Freight Company Contact,,,,freecargoshipping@lycos.comDelivery Address,,,American Embassy998 Street Osu00233-Accra GhanaWest Africa...You can reach me at 07031888661Regards Bill. After this email i was bombarded with more emails and phone calls.I Told him i was using my own carrier and he said he didnt want to order the parts then.Unbelievable!!!
Our company just ran into scammers. We run a motorized window treatment company and received an order by email requesting 70 shades. The purchaser name is Jamal Jones claiming to be from "Assemblies of God Ministries". From the beginning red flags rose. They were too persistent and didn't care for the price. We gave them a price and they wanted us to use a certain shipping company who gave us a shipping cost of $3000. When we notified "Jamal Jones", he gave us an approval along with 2 different credit cards with different names from different states. We contacted the credit card company's and banks and found out they had large amounts of holds against them. The complete info to be aware of is:Jamal JonesAssemblies of God Ministries37 Church RoadAccra-Ghana 00233They wanted to use the following shipping company:Express Shipping CompanyJohn Freeman37 Airport RoadAccra-Ghana 00233
We are manufacturing company and received the following email:"Good day, My name is Mr.Wayne Johnson and I will like to know if you can supply some benches for me, its going to bepicked up at your store location when parked for pick up, after payment..I will like to know the types of benches you do have instock with the model and sizes too so that i can make my choice,and also let me know if you do accept credit card as a method ofpayment also, wish you all the best in business and i would be looking forward on hearing from you soon.best regardsJohnson."We sent an email back requesting a copy of his resale certificate and company contact information. He sent the following response: "I need 50 pieces of the benches and i will like you to get back to me with the total price for it .Can u get back to me with pricing without the cost of shipping and am located in 14 front st,danielson,ct,06239." This looked suspicious so we did an online search on the address 14 Front St, Danielson, CT 06239 to find out about the company located at that address. A link to Glassblog with the notation of "shipping scam" came up in the search. Needless to say, we will not be having further contact with Mr. Johnson. Add Wayne Johnson to Darren Luke as a name to watch out for at 14 Front St, Danielson, CT 06239.
They tried to scam my company too, but we thought it was fishy. Here is what I got:Thanks for the quote.the price for all the order is $16,800.00 and it is okay with me.i want you to contact the Smart Movers Shipping company now and get me the shipping charges.i will like you to mail the with the weight,pick uplocation,destination and the name of the product they are going to pick up so that you can get me the shipping charges please.their contact details is below:Company Name: Smart Movers Shipping CompanyContact Name: Mr. Patrick KorangContact Email Address: smartmoversshippingco@gmail.comShipping Address:Mrs. Mary Williams 456 combat street ave. Accra Ghana 00233as soon as you get the shipping charges add it to the total price of the product and send me the Grand Total so that we can move on with the payment please.please adviseRev Kelvin.
Im from a printing company in Aus and got Michal Daley. Started with:I need a 8.5 by 11 sized flyer.I need 100,000 copies and attached isthe artwork for printing.Can you get back to me with the estimate and i need it printed on Bond Paper.I priced him then he came back with the mobo shipping company and wanted me to send it to singapore.I suggested that it would be massively cheaper to buy it in singapore and he answered back quite sharply that he wanted it from me and to check out the shipping company.Normal people wouldn't get shirty for helping them get a better deal - so I googled the mobo company and got this site. Thanks guys.
@AnnaHallo Anna, ich habe auch auf eine solche Anzeige bei Kijiji geantwortet und bekomme nun Nachrichten von Mr. Ross..Mir war schnell klar das es Betrug ist. Würde mich gerne dagegen trotz das ich nicht reingefallen bin wehren, sowas sollte eifach unterbunden werden!!! Hast du Anzeige erstattet? Vllt kann ich dir helfen?Bitte schreibe mir mal an lou_kabel@hotmail.comViele Grüße i
I have a printing company and was also e-mailed by a Michael Daley with the attached artwork for 100,000 leaflets. He asked if we accepted credit card payments.I quoted and received the order but then got instructions to contact the Mobo shipping company with the weight of the order and for us to pay them and add to the final bill. One of our customers supplies credit card terminals so I contacted them and they said only accept money transfer directly into our account. The delivery instructions was to an office block in Singapore which I found on line but the Bane organisation who the job was for could not be found.Things just did not stack up right, so I typed in Mobo shipping company into google and was directed here.
THANK YOU! Just was spared. I have a printing company and received a similar communication from a Michael Brady with the same CT address as some of the other posters here received, but with a different contact name. Thanks for this informative blog!
I'm a small sign co. in Florida,and mr. Alex Dennis contacted me.He wanted x100 3'x6' banners,I gave him an estimate and not even 1/2 hour later I got a call from a local area code phone number and the person said he was mr. Alex Dennis,and he said that the price is fine,and he ask me to get him a quote from a shipping co.that he preferred.The shipping co. name was agoriexpressship and it was a gmail account.He wanted the banners shipped to Sister Magret Asante,c/o New town Orphanage Home,673 Ring Road,Accra Ghana 00233,West Africa,That's When i Got very suspicious,did a research and and came across this blog.When ever someone orders something from africa,ignore it.
WOW... I just got an email order this morning wanting to order 100000 flyers. And they even included the artfile (if you want to call it that) Just plain on black and white print with "Stop Child Labor" written in large letters... I responded with my quote then I got the response below and got a little more suspicious...----------------------------HelloThank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to MoboShipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch inSingapore and i will like you to email them with the total weight ofthe unit together with the pick up and delivery address , So that theycan get you the shipping cost. below is my branch address:Banes Foundation 896 Dunearn Road,#04-06B Sime Darby CenterSingapore 589472 SingaporeThe contact email to Mobo Shipping Company ismslaf_shipping_co@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contactthem now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you tobill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shippingcost.Best Regards.Michael Daley14 front stdanielson,ct,06239--------------------------------
We were almost victims ourselves, the email read:HelloThank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to MoboShipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch inSingapore and i will like you to email them with the total weight ofthe unit together with the pick up and delivery address , So that theycan get you the shipping cost. below is my branch address:Banes Foundation 896 Dunearn Road,#04-06B Sime Darby CenterSingapore 589472 SingaporeThe contact email to Mobo Shipping Company ismslaf_shipping_co@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contactthem now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you tobill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shippingcost.Best Regards.Michael Daley14 front stdanielson,ct,06239
email 1:Hello Sir/MadamI would like you to quote for 8.5 x 11 flyer printed one sided on a 60 #offset paper.Attached is the artwork and i need it one sided on black and white prints.Advise if you accept credit card payments.Let me know the promotional items you offer.Michael DaleyEmail 2: HelloThank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to MoboShipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch inSingapore and i will like you to email them with the total weight ofthe unit together with the pick up and delivery address , So that theycan get you the shipping cost. below is my branch address:Banes Foundation 896 Dunearn Road,#04-06B Sime Darby CenterSingapore 589472 SingaporeThe contact email to Mobo Shipping Company ismslaf_shipping_co@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contactthem now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you tobill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shippingcost.Best Regards.Michael Daley14 front stdanielson,ct,06239
We are a Print Company and had the same as the post before.Thank you for this blog!
I work at a Fire Extinguisher Company. Thank god i found this blog. We would have been taken for $11,000. Alan Smith14 Front StDanielson, CT06239Beware guys, he's a total scam artist. I've spoken to these people *on the phone* even, all from sketchy numbers that you can't call back. Terrible english, terrible spelling.
Myself and the local authorities played the game to see if we could catch these guys... The names was James Sizemore. BEWARE...You will be responsible for credit card charges that you run on your machine for phone orders without proper identification. Chech with your processor to see what specific rules apply to you.
Below is the letter that came from a sify.com email address (a major red flag to begin with).So far, I replied with link to my company pricelist, and said he had a 20% volume discount and let him figure it all out. He then asked for quote, which I just told him price + shipping.[His 2nd email asked for additional information, I told him to make his shipper do all of the work and get it from the company website and that I am deaf so can only use a special type of phone]Then he sent details about using his shipper and the other scam. I told him OK, but need a signed company purchase order emailed or faxed. He complained but said it was an export restriction. Eventually he cut and paste something together. I reported the credit card he gave me to the credit card company as stolen without even running it through. I emailed him back saying that he must have mistyped it and it was rejected.Now he has just sent me a 2nd credit card, and his "shipper" is asking for payment. I told the shipper that I am waiting for a card to go through, and am going home for the day, so I will have to do this tomorrow.--------------------------------- Hello, I am interested in purchasing some of your products, I will like to know if you can ship directly to NEW ZEALAND , I also want you to know mymode of payment for this order is via Credit Card. Get back to me if you can ship to that destination and also if you accept the payment type Iindicated. Kindly return this email with your price list of your products.. I await your quick response. Kind RegardsAlbert Grayson==================================(This after I gave him pricing and URL for pricelist)Hi,Thank you for the reply, please i will like you to recalculate of my order alone and get back to me with the total cost of my  order and don't worry about the shipping cost because i have my personal shipping agent in State:Alabama  Zipcode:36420   , USA that will come for  the pick up of the package in your company and i have inform them about this and they told me the best way to come for the pick up in your store is for you to email me with the information's needed below,* Your Company Name and Address ?* Time the package will be ready for pick up with your convenience time and date?* Contact Person for the pickup arrangement ?* Telephone Number ?* Weight of the packageSo, please kindly get back to me with this details along with the total of my order so that i can give you my card details for the payment now.Hope to read from you ASAP.
After providing a quote for banners I received this reply email:From: Bill Kenneth [mailto:nethbill@yahoo.com] Subject: Shipping Contact & Contact for SESCL .i had a emmergency about my wife ,my wife is about to give birth and i have to live out of office for my wifes' hospitality (am married for good 15 years ,this is my first time to have a baby ).Please i will need immediate assistance from you by geting a Shipping Quote from the Shipping Company so that i will make the full payment before i live out of office. Due to that incidence ,i have recommended a Shipping Company that i want you to Consent with me by contacting the shipping now and get me the shipping quote so that i will arrange for the full payment plus shipping payment today .The Shipping company will come right i your office for the Pick Up as i wanted previously.I strongly recommended them because they have handling all of my international shipments from United states ,Canada ,United Kingdom to my Shipping Destination in Ghana and this time your company to GH and i am completely satisfied with their services.I will like you to please e-mail me with the Shipping quote on the product from Scofield Express Shipping Company plus the form of payment method they you do accept..We can proceed to ship the Products through scofield Express to the shipping destination. SHIPPING DESTINATION ADDRESS Tema industrial AreaOsu-AccraGhana-0023. CONTACT FOR SCOFEILD EXPRESS SHIPPING & CARGO COMPANY..Email Address: sdexpress_shipping@cooltoad.com I want you to contact the shipping company with :1-Pick Up address ( which is your address ),2-Shipping address ,3-Total weight and total quantity of the Products. I will like you to please get back to me with the feedback from Scofield Express Shipping after you contacted them and if you do have any further question.
I own an engraving business in Durango Colorado. I'm dealing with an individual from Singapore who wants to buy a large number of trophies to be shipped via MOBO Shipping Company. I know it is scam from the git-go and get these kind of emails regularly. I like to string these guys along as long as possible. I keep requesting additional info and clarifications from them. The idea is to waste as much of their time and resources as I can possibly get a way with. The final email I send to them is the one I send telling them that I have forwarded all their emails to their local authorities, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security and tell them that they are now marked as a terrorist sponsor and can expect a visit from the authorities at any time. . .. Good Luck living another 48 hours!
Today I was contacted by Michael Daley who wanted to buy 150 trophies and send them to Singapore. (I work with over seas companies) But to send trophies there??? I went through my normal question routine: To start your order we need a credit card number and expiration date, the wordage you would like to be engraved on each trophy and the sport you are interested in. The day you need your order and by all means your name and phone numberHe responded back with:HelloThank you for your email, I will like to recommend you to MoboShipping Company for the shipping of the unit to my branch inSingapore and i will like you to email them with the total weight ofthe unit together with the pick up and delivery address , So that theycan get you the shipping cost. below is my branch address:Maersk Inc896 Dunearn Road,#04-06B Sime Darby CenterSingapore 589472 SingaporeThe contact email to Mobo Shipping Company ismslaf_shipping_co@live.com and i will like you to go ahead and contactthem now, so that i can provide you with my credit card for you tobill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shippingcost.Best Regards.Michael DaleyI knew then it was a scam because we do not sell units, and never to Singapore. I also called the companies to put them on alert that scammers are giving out their information. Customer service was very nice and even verified that they do not have a Michael Daley working there. So now, a new scam has arisen. BE AWARE...
I got one too... Almost fell for it right before placing the order with the supplierGood day, My Name is Mr.Mark Wilson . l want to order some flyer's and i will need the Qty of 130,000 with the size of 8.5''x11'' in full copies Black Ink on yellow Paper l want you to write of the flyer's (Care For One Another Says The Lord).I need this flyer's to be printed one side and also I want you to go ahead and quote me the total pick up prices plus tax without shipping and kindly advise me the method of of payment you accept so that we can proceed with this order, hope to hear from you as soon as possible..Note: Let me know if you print banners as well.Stay Blessed,Mark Wilson
Don't feel bad, I was in all the way to the request for the MONEYGRAM for shipping.I actually spent an entire day doing the logistics , pricing etc.even on 500 banners. (by the way 4over.com best price on 500) I did this all while my gut said "Too Easy - Too good to be true"Looks like they are using a new freight company now."TNA International"Excerpted from e-mail:We will also like you to know that our company accept payment only from where pick up will be done and for you being the shipper you are the one supposed to make the payment to us this is because there will be a form which is going to be signed on the day of pick up when TNA INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT COMPANY is coming for a pick up at the pick up location and the units will be delivered to the door step of the company or the delivery destination.And for first time customers the method of payment we accept is via Money Gram to our financialmanager in our head quarters in Ghana. Name : Mr. AWAL NUHU JONES Address : 2ND RING ROAD CENTRALZip code : 00233City : ACCRACountry : GHANA
I have a screen printing company for a couple of years now. I fella by the name of Michael Daley wanted to order 1500 t-shirts blank. Let me remind you I do not own a mill, I print among other things. He wanted 100 huge banners as well, 20x20. Also wanted to know if I take credit cards.So obviously this was a scam. I emailed him back why the hell do you want blanks from me, kind of pointless. I now email and harass the guy from time to time when I am bored. Payback from trying to scam me. email address: daley90@gmail.comHis shipping address:Maersk Inc896 Dunearn Road,#04-06B Sime Darby CenterSingapore 589472 SingaporeHis "shipping" company:Mobo Shipping Company
I was just about scammed. I got an e-mail for 3000 t-shirts. Being a small business I got a bit excited. I noticed from the start the grammar was terrible. I told it was for a new orphanage in Ghana. Here is the name and address I was given.1 Methodist Kids Orphanage32 Trasaco ValleysAccra, GhanaThe e-mails came from Alid Mohammed (aildmohammed@gmail.com. When I did a search on MYSPACE the e-mail address belonged to a 15 year-old female. The e-mails were signed Rev. Mark Larry.He wanted me to send the shipping company he chose half the cost for the shipping and he would pay me back. The shipping cost was $7,520.00 for 882lbs. The shipping company said it included international airway taxes (I.T.A.), tariffs, crating/packaging and customs clearance duties. The only type of payment they would accept was money gram. They wanted to be sent to the financial manager. Here is the information they gave me for the shipping company.Financial ManagerHakeem Imrana2nd Ring Road CentralAccra, Ghana 00233Cargo Express FreightE-mail: dcargo@ymail.comI was able to get a phone number for Alid Mohammed; it is 233-543-568565. I did speak to him. He called me and I have caller ID.I hope this information will help.
I posted the last comment. He contacted me with 233-244-063099 phone number also. copied it from CID
Thank you for your warnings. Here is a copy of his acceptance of a freight quote: thank you ones again and i am ok with the $8,850.00 USD 2-3 days.so i need you to email me back with the total cost of your order and the shipping as one so that i can make the full payment as now . thank you larryA lot of typos and small caps. His new scam freight company is:kargoshippingcompany@gmailBeware.
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