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Howdy! I could have sworn I've been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it's new to me. Anyways, I'm definitely happy I found it and I'll be book-marking and checking back often! seahawks jersey for baby
Here's another one from Tim harris8305@gmail. Hello, Below are my details: Company Name: Opportunity Supplies LLC 5005 126th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760 Please advise a quote for the following excluding shipping charges: Kaito Solar/Dynamo Radio/LED Lantern #304-KA249w Quantity: 100 pieces Regards Tim
Here's one from Robert Miller.distributions@gmail.com I will like to offer a pickup service after payment with a freight forwarder which delivers to warehouses in Greenland. Please contact: Quote@royalexpressfreights.com for the pickup arrangement, provide them with the items being shipped, total weight and it is going to the address below: Delivery Address: Robert Miller Distributions, Issortarfimmut 1A Postboks 1290 - 3900, Nuuk, Greenland And include your Pickup Location and they will surely get back to you with the freight quote. As soon as you receive a freight quote, let me know so that I can finalize the order with my credit cards. Thanks and nice making business with you. Hope to read from you soon.
Another note of thanks for this site. We had to back track an order we took from "Jeff Soboroff," but were able to cancel the credit card submission, and the cardholders got notified in the process.
Has anybody heard this? Good day Dustin Griffin, We have found your Curriculum Vitae via Careerbuilder job-site. At the moment we expand our business to the USA territory and can offer you a position of Transportation Manager. The position is mostly about accepting, repacking and sending parcels with the help of the Postal Service all over the world. It’s a work at home job and does not require any start-up costs. You do not need to relocate and can do this job from a comfort of your home. The Transportation Manager duties consist of: Step 1: You receive parcels at your address. Step 2: You should report to the supervisor about parcels delivered; Step 3: You should do repackaging according to supervisor instructions; Step 4: You will receive a prepaid shipping labels to mail the package out Step 5: You should affix the shipping label provided by your supervisor to the parcel and drop it off at the nearest post-office. You do not need to invest any money to start this job. All the shipping costs and extra expenses will be covered by our company. You will be responsible for dispatching packages in time. Your compensation will consist of $2400 base salary (monthly) + $30 commission per box received . Your wage will be deposited into your bank account or into your Paypal account at the end of each work month. During the first weeks you will work with a small product quantity. There will be about 10-20 boxes a week. It’s not obligatory to have any special education, you will have a possibility to gain necessary knowledge during the trial period. Make sure to have working home and mobile phone numbers, so we could reach you through the day if we have any questions about the reports. The candidate should have: 1. Printer (you will need to print postage labels to ship the boxes out). 2. Internet Access (to check your email for the information updates) and the ability to your email 2-3 times a day. 3. Ability to receive the parcels right to your physical address (not P.O. box) from courier services such as Fedex, UPS and USPS If you need some more information regarding the offered vacancy – you could email me with any questions. The offered vacancy is 100 percent legitimate job, all shipped products are legal under the law of the United States of America. Please, reply back to get more information. Sincerely yours, Jessica Barrows Logistica Moderna Ltd. Alameda Fernao Lopes, 18 1495-190 Alges Portugal
Pretty sure we just avoided one of these scams. Customer only used a gmail account, provided a credit card number and insisted that we use his freight courier despite the fact that we could ship the product (internationally) cheaper via other services. Thanks for the info!
Now using the name Garry Miller of Grinnell Warehouse, first address was 4332 Gills Rd Dallas, TX - second email said he was in Layfayette, IN. ​Thanks for your material quotation back. Well I'm located in Lafayette,Indiana ,but am shipping this to my Client in Spain and i will like to recommend you to a freight company to contact them and find the shipping cost on my behalf. B​elow is the delivering destination as well as the freight company details for you to contact and find out the cost. Delivering Destination Consumers Inc CALLE GIRONA 85 GRANOLLERS-BARCELONA CODIGO 08400 ESPAÑA. Please in order to get the correct freight estimate from the shipping company you need to send them the following information's by email. . Your Location address... ​​ . The delivery address. ​​ . Weight of the Products. ​​ Freight Company Details. .............................................................. Name of shippers: DELUX CARGO INTERNATIONAL SERVICES Company E-mail: Deluxcargofreight.intl@gmx.com Mr Jeff Mason Logistic Manager.​
Thank you for this site. I am a small business and received an email purporting to be Edward and Son Supply Co. Checked the company out first, it's real, but it would have no connection to what my business offers. It also had a warning on the company page that it was being used to scam. Reported it to the police now.
Look out for david Atkins shipping to Latvia using Danicom shipping.
Attn Sales, I am Garry Miller of Garry Warehousing, I write to inquire about Cage Wire, 2 ft. x 25 ft.. I will be glad if you can send me a quote for the total cost without shipping of 20 sets of the railing with attachment below: Kindly send me information on the type of Cage Wire, 2 ft. x 25 ft. you have available should just in case you don't have the above in stock.What type of credit cards do you accept for payment and will also like to know about the possibility of pick up from store orders? Do not hesitate to give a call to discuss specified product .Please send quote to proceed to material purchase. I look forward to a prompt response. Garry Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Sincerely, Garry Warehousing Garrywarehousing@gmail.com
Anyone know about INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF RED CROSS AND CARGO SHIPMENT? Does it do any diplomatic shipments?
I have had the same experience...i re-emailed with the fact that they were a scam, and "surprise surprise" they haven't contacted me since. The new name I received was William Davidson (williamdavi48@gmail.com) and are now using Logistics Freight Shipping Plus (logisticsfreightshippingplus@hotmail.com) to be their shipper. I entertained the notion of keeping it going for a minute, but who has that kind of time? Hope these save someone else from the SCAM artists...
Some sleazy nasty little creature going by the name of Mohammed Naf tried the fake shipping scam on me but fortunately this idiot's IQ is about as high as his integrity score.. Strung him along for a while and he became increasingly frustrated with me to the extent that his emails became long unintelligible rants. Sent all to my local FBI website. These scammers are low rent pond scum who are a waste of space . They are a certain sick breed of rodents who should be prosecuted to the full extent if they are caught. His shipping recommendation was Alicia Gordon of Express Pick-up Shipping. Googled them..no such company.
The other day, while I was at work, my sister stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a 25 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone! ugg adirondack ii leather on sale
Received the following email from timharris8305@gmail.com It smelled wrong, lacked details, and responses to followup requests for product configuration made me more wary. We get these frequently because we accept web payments. I see that he is an active scammer, so thank you to those who have already posted and are saving me from further hassle. Two years ago I played with a scammer for a month, collecting several credit card numbers, and then several more, which were turned over to the card companies as stolen. Don't have time to play the game right now with this one.... Hello, Below are my details: Company Name: Opportunity Supplies LLC 5005 126th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760 Please advise a quote for the following excluding shipping charges: Step Motor Controllers Regards Tim
Hello, i have been in here lookin through these comments and the original article trying to find any sign of the supposed company that has contacted me. it seems fishy and is extremely suspect. its an offer for a freight forwarding jon with just lovely sales and the email contact is Mike Urbansky. my email is darrenoftinley@gmail.com if anyone sees this and knows anything about those names please contact me. i will alternately also try to check back here soon. thank you sincerely, Darren James
The scam letter I received: From: Mr. Ramson Oti Writing from sick bed Thank you as you accept this message, My name is Mr. Ramson Oti at present I am suffering from throat cancer and have partial stroke. My doctor here in the hospital has just informed me that only God can save me from this condition that they have tried their best as human beings. My matrimonial home today happens that I do not have a wife and children due to my condition could not allow me to produce children when my wife was alive. That is while I choose to bequeath my heritage to you for the service of God in your country. It is because of this I would like gracious and with the aim of help stripped to give you this known as heritage rising to a value of $9.5 million US dollars for you to use it to help the orphans, victims of war, HIV/Aids, and expand the work of God in your country. As you can see this is a very hard decision to take but I have no option than to will out this deposit before my major operation in few days from now therefore I would like you to think about it very well and forward to me your complete data, full name, address, age, occupation and telephone number etc. I count on your goodwill and especially the good use of these funds for your endeavors. God bless you and your family. Reply immediately for further details. Lastly, I hope to hear from you immediately you received this mail with data as requested above. My Regards. Mr. Ramson Oti
Thank you for this site. I own a shoe sales website. I am a small business so the thought of a large order excited me...but there were too many red flags. The request was for 100 pairs of shoes...no color, style or size specification. I directed the emailer, Martin Miller, to the website with instructions to register for wholesale pricing. He obviously didn't, because he just kept emailing back stating he wanted 100 pairs of shoes and please send him a quote but not for shipping, he wanted to use his own delivery company, Express Dove Fright Logistics. Guess they haven't perfected the scam using shoe sales yet.
​Received the following from "Garry Miller" - I informed him we do not provide quotes to criminals :) Attn Sales, I am Garry Miller of Grinnell Warehouse, I write to inquire about Wooden Pallet. I will be glad if you can send me a quote for the total cost without shipping of 500 pcs each for the following Wooden Pallet with attachment below: Dimensions (W × L) 48” × 40” 500 Qty's 40” × 40” 500 Qty's What type of credit cards do you accept for payment and will also like to know about the possibility of pick up from store orders? Do not hesitate to give a call to discuss specified product .Please send quote to proceed to material purchase. I look forward to a prompt response. Garry Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Phone 281 544 0774 Sincerely, Garry Warehousing Garrywarehousing@gmail.com
Watch out below, Almost fall.... Thank you for your reply, As I told you that I'm shipping the Vertical Baler to South Africa and I will be recommending a freight company for the pickup of the Vertical Baler at your Location to South Africa,So I want you to contact this freight company :Cargointershipping@outlook.com And tell them you are shipping ( 1 Vertical Baler ) with the total weight x x x x and its going to the address below: Delivery Address: R&M Industrial. 242 Down Side Ave. Milnerton,7441 Cape Town,South Africa Including the location of pickup and they will surely get you the shipping cost.As soon as they get you the shipping cost kindly let me know as soon as possible,So that i can proceed with the payment by Credit Card.I hope to read from you soon. Thanks, Rick.
this guy asked me to ship stuff from Canada bill it to usa but ship it to Haiti the address is no where on google and his number comes up as scam via google.. he wanted me to paid for the shipping while hes chqs where cleared...
Anyone receive a request for products from ...Opportunities Supplies LLC
We received a request today from Opportunity Supplies LLC that actually inquired about purchasing a specific part number we have on our website (that is uncommon and has no value to anyone other than a specific group). Reading the other posts, they seemed vague, so they are getting a bit more specific to seem more legitimate. I always research a company name before providing any information, but do not see how this scam would work with just asking for a quote?
Hello Everyone - Please BE AWARE of this guy - Michael Evans LLC. wanting to ship to Figi. Same story as many others here - Figi is remote and wants you to use First Point Freight. This company DOES NOT have ANY affiliates in the USA,(however they are a real company in the UK - I called and confirmed with them and they too have said they have gotten multiple calls from different people asking the same thing) SCAM!
It's 2014 and they are still at it! Same and scam going on.
This dope tried to scam us, too. This jerk wanted to buy over $4,000 worth of gift bags. Good thing we did a Google Search. Phew! ---------------------------------------- Attn : Sales Department My name is Jeff Soboroff with Grinnell Warehouse and I am contact your company to inquire Gift Packaging to purchase. Kindly email a catalog along with pricing information per various types of Gift Packaging you stock so that I can choose from. Do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding my inquiry. Please advice if there's a surcharge paying via credit card. Sincerely, Jeff Soboroff Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Ph : 214-469-9508
this website http://www.falogltd.com, just newly created in november 2014 and my "bogus"supplier sent me tracking number. I'm very doubtful to send payment as the website is just newly created. Seems it is a scam!
Thanks for the info!! I received an email to ship To Dubai, a large quantity of my skin care and Have to wire transfer $1250 to VAF Shipping company and the buyer will Pay me with his credit card on my square! I always use Paypal and said he couldn't use that!! Sounds too good to be true and $1250 For shipping is crazy!! He said he is Willing to pay!! I ship all over the world For approximately $100!!! What do you think??? Thank you!! Susan
Good day! My name is Jamal and i want to know if you carry Wooden Pallet for sale...If yes then i would like you to give me the price on the following sizes 48” x 40” 4-way pallets 48” × 48” 4-way pallets Kindly email me back with the prices so i can advise the quantity i want to order...Looking forward to do business with you. Jamal Johnson J&J Wharehouse 323-331-4170 Jamal4923@hotmail.com (FAKE FAKE FAKE) no one emails like this and plus who spells Wharehouse like that ?
Attn Sales, I am Bill Patrick of Grinnell Warehouse, I am interested in both Vinyl and Aluminum Railing, Please send me pricing for 2pcs each to the railing with the attachment below: What type of credit cards do you accept for payment and will also like to know about the possibility of pick up from store orders? Do not hesitate to give a call to discuss specified product .Please send prices to proceed to material purchase. I look forward to a prompt response. Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Phone 281 544 0774 Sincerely, Grinnell Warehousing Billpatrick.supply@gmail.com Hello, thank you for your email response back, Please kindly use the dimension to the attachment above and get back to me with the total cost without shipping for 4 pcs of the railing. Please let me know your forms of payment that you accept, Advise if you do allow pick up orders.. Thank you so much for your email response back, Please yes you can send me the pricing for the total cost without shipping, Please use the Large 36" Shell Carving which is (red oak) as its finishes, Please use Oak lengths of 16''... Please try to get back to me with a material quote to proceed this order Asap. This person is oblivious to what is sold at our company. Yes, from the beginning it was odd, but i just kinda strung him along, email has been notified to FTC. Just beware of "Bill" now.
We own an accessory shop in Sweden and got an e-mail from a Felix Adam for an order he asked to be shipped to Jordan with the shipping company Help Line. I googled the mail address as it was an outlook.com address it seemed strange for the shipping company Help Line sabistylefreightservices11@outlook.com. The caller called himself Felix Adams and he called from the Usa but did not sound american and we thought it was strange as he wanted the goods shipped to Jordan why then call from Usa. And I thought it was a bit strange that we as Swedes talked much better English then the man in Usa that called us. We could not find the shop in Jordan he referred to. Thanks to this page we were saved from the scam. Thanks a million.
Hi, Our company received the same RFQ from Bill Patrick and Grinnell Warehouse, the fact the company was in Texas and that they were willing to buy from us multiple states away threw up a flag. Thanks for everyone posting about this and I hope my post helps as well.
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