Warning: Fake shipping company scam


WOW, they tried to get me today. Darren Cormac inquiring about custom banners. Wanted to know about the credit cards and pick up... same as the e-mails above, but they gave the address as 4334 Gills Rd. Dallas Texas phone # 214-469-9508. When I called them the guy sounded like he was just waking up. Good thing I googled them and it sent me to this page.
Yes here is another scam shipping letter from Grinnell Warehouse. Attn: Sales Department, My name is Darren Cormac with Grinnell Warehouse,I write to inquire about cost of banner printing. Pleae send me price on the below vinyl banner with grommets and hemmed edges. Below is banner spec; Size :4'' x 20'' Quantity : 30 Text Professional Service at a Friendly Price *Window Cleaning *Lawn Care *Painting *Eavestrough Cleaning "JeBreau Homes, your one stop place with your house" (Please use, green blue and black colors for banner" Kindly advise on the type of credit cards you do accept for payment and also if you do accept pick up orders ? Kindly call to discuss options or probably send me an email with further questions based on the quote request. A prompt response will be greatly appreciated as I look forward to working with your company on the quote inquiry. Sincerely, Darren Cormac Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Ph : 214-469-9508
I got this email today, its a little different but smells fishy and has some similarity's to the above scames so thought i would add it to this great blog. Dear Applicant, Please get your time and be informed about this genuine offer if you are seeking for a job. The most convenient and smart vacancy for everyone who has free hours a day. If you have these requirements please e-mail your confirmation to this email Title : Operations Controller Location : AU and New Zealand Eligibility Criteria : No Practice is Required in Financial Services Continuance : Long term with 2 weeks probation period If you meet these requirements please reply. Best regards. Royal Standard Cargo Service
Just received an email from Richard Morrison - richdesks@gmail.com & richdeskss@gmail.com - trying to order 30 pieces of a product from our company: regard forwarding of the unit to Haiti,i would like you to contact Mr Eric Brown of Vick Logistics Co.at vickshippings@outlook.com and give them the weight of the order and your address for pick up and request a shipping quote from them to ship my order from your pick up address to my clients address below. Get back to me ASAP when you get a shipping quote from them so that I can call to pay for my order today. Thank you and waiting to hear from you. Ship to 302, Rue Grégoire, Ville De Pétion-Ville(HT6120 )
I got two To whom it may concern My name is cliff anderson. I would like to know if you have Shovels Spades and i'm looking for expensive and less expensive ones you have. Could you please let me know the prices that are available I would be happy to make my payment by credit card if you accept them. I await your reply, Sincerely, cliff anderson. New Project 500 Rue Faubert Petion-ville, HT4235 HAITI And i want to recommend you to a shipping company that will be able to ship the packages to my client destination their name is Christian Shipping Logistics,their shipping company email address is cshippingltd@outlook.com, I want u to email them with the pickup address,shipping, weight or dimension and find out wht it will take for the freight cost as soon as u have it email me with the total and i will submit my credit card for u to run and have the materials shipped out asap. I will be expecting a reply from you. With Regard
just got this as well. Name: Ron Weiss Email: ronweiss3@gmail.com Messages: Hello Sales, I am Ron Weiss of Grinnell Warehouse and I write to inquire about sticker products. I will like a catalog with products information to browse through and get back to you. Thank You Ron Weiss Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Ph : 214-469-9508
Thanks for having this info as I suspected a scam and this site was the only reference similar to what I experienced. Most fraud sites with posted warnings are for consumers and not small business. I had an email request for a big ticket item, paying by credit card ,he would come here to pick up. That was ok but the spelling was bad so I was unsure. Then he wanted 3 more expensive items and provided a company to ship by. No way! As a small business, we cannot absorb losses like that, and at the same time cannot assume all email requests are scams. Here is the info: zookrobert3@gmail.com Details of the shipping company. Name: Air Cargo Shipping Ltd Manager: Michael Moore Email address: Aircargoshippingangency@aol.com
You Know If they would at least take the time to use the written language correctly they might do better . But it is much better that they don't you can see a scam a mile away Attention Owner/Sales person, My name is Edward , am writing to you regarding a purchase of some Wheelchair , I would like you to email me your list of the Wheelchair you do sell for now or a direct website where i can find the types you do stock and choose from there. Also let me know the type of credit cards you do accept for payments.Also let me know if you do take a surcharge when accepting either master cards or visa.Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Mr.Edward George,
So - I am experiencing the same scam at present with the payment to the bogus shipping company. This is the second time for my company. We realised early on the first time (two years ago) that it was all bogus, but went through with the payment to our account ($8500.00), before notifying the bank who informed us that the credit cards used were stolen, whereas we refunded the money (no loss to us). However, nobody seemed interested in catching these guys. This time, I am dealing with "Scott Phillips" from Saint Louis,Mo, and he wants to ship my goods from Brisbane Australia to Barcelona in Spain. Shipping cost is USD $3500.00. I am now just waiting for him to call and provide me the credit card details. Then I am going to email the scumbag tomorrow and tell him that I found a cheaper freight company and that I have now paid them and he should receive his goods soon. Cant wait for his response - I will keep you posted.
We received an email today requesting Windows to be shipped to Santiago De Chile using a freight forwarder and wanting to pay all taxes/fees up front via CC. They are now using 'William Wright' as a contact from a company called: SGB CO-Operation Ltd. He (they) sent this quote to several people in our company. After a couple of emails, they agreed to our price for windows. When we asked to have a bank wire instead of CC payment, they stopped responding... Classic.
Had a similar scam from "Fred Hamilton" using the fake maranashipping@aol.com, with customer ID is MRD363663-34773 Fake VAT number FI62738242 Also another try by "Justin Lind"
This is the one that I got. I could tell right away that it was a scam. We get it all the time. I searched the number on whitepages.com and it is a landline in TX. Why would someone in Texas want to buy ceramic tile in North Carolina. There are plenty of tile stores in TX. Name Jeff Soboroff Email jeffsoboroff@gmail.com Phone 214-469-9508 Message I am Jeff Soboroff With Grinnell Warehouse and I write to inquire Tiles. Kindly get back to me with pricing per the types of Tiles you carry and also let me know whether you allow pick up or ders. Please advise if there's any penalty paying with a credit card. Thank You, Jeff Soboroff
This is what I got today: From: Jeff Soboroff [mailto:jeffsoboroff@gmail.com] Sent: Friday, October 31, 2014 9:39 AM To: sales Subject: Sales Tags Attn : Sales Department I am Jeff Soboroff with Grinnell Warehouse and I write to inquire about Tags. I will kindly be glad if you can send me a catalog to your tags ds to browse through. Do let me know if only you produce custom Abrasives. I will like to also inquire on the type of credit card you do accept for payment as well as surchages included. Do you accept pick up orders ? Do not hesitate to contact me back should you have questions related to the quotation inquiry as I look forward to working with your company on the project Sincerely, Jeff Soboroff Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Ph : 214-469-9508 Same address, as we've gotten before, just "from" a different person. Hope this helps stop this garbage. (BTW, we are an awards & engraving company.)
The latest is from Smith Wilson at Smithsltds. If they have access to your website they will try to make sure that there request is a legitimate one. Here is the best way to figure things out. when someone sends you an e-mail and they make the request for product you sell, they will request it with just their fake name and to e-mail them. example; Hi Am Mr Smith Wilson.I would like to place an order of (Duct and Insulation coasting)from your company to Haiti,kindly email me with the types you have and their prices and also ,your term of payment.Waiting for your prompt responses. Thanks Smith Just respond requesting the name of their company telephone # and address and what specific products they are asking for. Once they send it to you, Google their telephone #. and that's how I was brought to this site. Hope this helps.
I got a random e-mail from one Hafiz Bradley at Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Rd, Dallas, TX --- he was asking for a price on something we don't carry without any quantity indicated. I am used to strange e-mails asking for pricing on an item in our catalog, but almost never something we don't carry. Unless it's asking for custom pricing and gives a quantity. None of that happened here. I asked him to choose something from by catalog with a quantity. He came back with an item that is non stock, but he still didn't give me a quantity. I replied to him to choose another item and to give me a quantity. He came back with another item I actually have and he wanted 100 pcs. I was about to quote him and decided to google the address. There is no such address. Gills Road ends at 4000. There is no 4332. And it's a residential neighborhood. I then decided to google the company name and this website came up. Thank you all for contributing. Anonymous October 31st 2014 3:50PM PDT
I received the following communication from: lisapeckens@usa.com Hi! I am HR manager of company Perfect Global Shipping. I found your resume via staffing agency. We are in search for a goods package handler in our staff who has to inspect the content of the boxes are delivered at home, make reports and ship them to the destination. To fulfil that work no special training is required. It's enough to be attentive, honest and responsible person. This is a full-time position, you are to stay at home during the working hours. We offer $2500 per month for this position. If you are interested in the vacancy, please inform me about that in your reply. And I will send you the details. Send your request to our current email. P.S. We search for a goods package handler in the nearest time, so I would ask you to reply to me within the next twenty-four hours after you received this email, otherwise I will have to consider the other candidatures.
Attn Sales, I am Hafiz Bradley of Grinnell Warehouse, I write to inquire about Window Glass. I will be glad if you can send me pricing for the details below, Window Glass, 12.5" x 19.5" Kindly send me information on the type of Window Glass you have available should you not have the above in stock.What type of credit cards do you accept for payment and will also like to know about the possibility of pick up from store orders ?Do not hesitate to give a call to discuss specified product .Please send pricing to proceed to material purchase. I look forward to a prompt response. Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Phone : 814-518-7619 Sincerely, Hafiz Bradley Hafizbradley@gmail.com This is the third attempt for them to catch us up in their scam. Not falling for it! But I do send emails back and forth just for my own personal entertainment. Tell them you have your own freight line or that you have a supplier in the area of their clients location and that you do not want to contact their freight company. They don't like it. HAHAHAHA
This is the email we received and the info regarding the shipping company they wanted to use. We asked for prepaymet via wire transfer as it just sounded to fishy. Right now nothing but crickets from their end. Thanks for eveyone posting. I hate crooks like these. Bad phone numbers clue one. Only c/c clue two. Shipping overseas with a obsure shipping co. clue 3 email accounts all gmail or deliveyrman ? clue 4 $2800.00 for freight for a small part? clue 5 Attn Sales, I am Hafiz Bradley of Grinnell Warehouse, I write to inquire about Instant curtains. I will be glad if you can send me the various types and pricing to make this order with the dimension . 25 yd. L x 64 in Kindly send me information on the type of Instant curtains you have available should you not have the above in stock.What type of credit cards do you accept for payment and will also like to know about the possibility of pick up from store orders ? Do not hesitate to give a call to discuss specified product .Please send pricing to proceed to material purchase. I look forward to a prompt response. Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Phone : 814-518-7619 From: Jeff Mason [mailto:deluxcargofreight.intl@deliveryman.com] Sent: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 11:38 AM Subject: Re: Shipment quote to Spain DELUX CARGO INTERNATIONAL SERVICES ATTENTION :Mario Molina Thank you for the contact with US at DELUX CARGO INTERNATIONAL SERVICES .for your shipping needs and information. I have the pleasure of introducing our company to you and expressing our desire to establish a co-operation relationship with you on the basis of any Shipping & Exporting needs. Our corporation, DELUX CARGO INTERNATIONAL SERVICES We Are A Shipping Company In Which We Serve Pick Up and Shipment From and To Affiliate In AFRICA, ASIA , U.S.A,EUROPE , CANADA and AUSTRALIA.. We also have some big clients as ABB Switchgear, LENOVO Mobile, AREVA T&D Vacuum After a re-view and calculation by the information you provided us below, 72” x 12” x 12” Total Weight: 10kg, Pick Up Point: Shepherd Controls & Associates 203 S. Jupiter Road, Suite A Allen, TX 75002 Delivery Destination: CONSUMERS INC. CALLE GIRONA 85 GRANOLLERS-BARCELONA CODIGO 08400 ESPAÑA. We came out with a total cost of $2800.00, which price breakdown are as follows; Freight Cost - $1,300.00 International Airway Taxes (I.A..T) - $300.00 Administration Fee - $450.00 Tariffs and Customs Clearance Duties - $300.00 Door to Door Delivery - $450.00 Total Charges $2800.00 This includes International Airway Taxes (I.A.T) , Tariffs and custom's clearance duties. Product is very secured in our custody and well protected until aim of delivery is excellently completed. Regarding the packaging we will also handle that to prevent breakages or damage. Select from the above shipment which you would like for your pick up schedule's when ready. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more assistance.. We look forward in serving you to your fullest satisfaction. COMPANY POLICY UPON BUSINESS & DELIVERY. *We Deal Business(s) Direct With Companies/Pick Up Location. *We Do Not Deal Individual Business/Individual Name . *Our Company Do Not Accept Payment From Individuals But Rather Should Be Made Direct From Confirmed Pick Up Location To Our Head-Quarters Here In Spain For Confirmation. *Payment Must Be Made In Full Before Pick Up Can Be Confirmed. Truck on our web site. OPENING HOURS Mon -Sat 7:30am-5:30am Thank you once again for choosing DELUX CARGO INTERNATIONAL SERVICESiate Your Business And Hope to Count In The for Future . * Email me with any further information and instruction. Best regards, Mr. J M Freight and Logistics Manager (world export)
11/7/14 - Got an email today. Wanted to get some company info before calling back. Name was Zac Brown (Great Name), From Grinnell Warehouse, #214-469-9508. Once i googled the number this thread came up. I did respond to him to see how he responds but glad to have the heads up before I went any further. Got to love the internet. (most times)
We just got an email from "Baines Green" who wanted to order 6000 dollars worth of seed beads and copper beads. Definitely a scam. He wants us to use Reima Express International shipping. Thanks to your website and yes it looks like it is spreading to other industries. We are a very small bead and native crafts wholesale shop.
Got a call about fire extinguishers today from Peter at King's Gait Construction. someone else posted his e-mail address and that's how i found it. it was a Friday and my truck was in the shop so i strung him along for several hours, he messed up when he said he was visiting his wife in the hospital in my city, i told him to just come by the shop to pay for the order at that point he insisted he pay over the phone. he's a list of companies, phone numbers, names, and address that should throw up a red flag. ppg2727@gmail.com panworldshippingco@gmail.com 1211 OAKPOINT AVE BRONX, NY 10474-6701 784 Cool Point Dr Ivan, CA 92619 7186353070 Peter Cook Andrez Lopez Gary Powell I know some of these companies/address could be legit, but these are all address/e-mails, names, and phone numbers he gave me.
I just received this and I may think its a scam as I did want to work from home. What is your opinion on this, here is the website, thanks, Anne http://www.central-shipping.net/jobs.html
When you see the grammer word "am" it is for sure from Ghana!!!
I think this same form of scam is hitting on me. I am a very small in home business, and everything written here is just like the email I got. A fellow in Florida wants a large quantity of my product shipped to Sweden. Wants me to use his preferred company : EasyAccess Logistics paying the shipping from a payment he makes to me with credit card, but I don't take credit cards..... Both the email from this fellow and the one from the shipping company seem to be broken English. Very suspicious so I searched for them on google, and came to this web site. For now contact with them will go no further.
I got this email too. My name is Felix Adam the manager of KORMAC SHOP in Jordan, i am interested in ordering some product from your website but am encountering some problem. Kindly get back to me with your price list and also answer the following questions listed below : Can you send us your price list or alternative website ? Do you accept credit card as means of payment (Not pay-pal) ? Do you accept private pick-ups (Own courier service) I will also like to inform you that payment shall be made by my credit card details such as Visa and Master card. Kindly get back to me with the Answers to the questions so that i can proceed with my order. Looking forward to read back from you. My regard Felix Adam 4748, Mamdoh Ibrahim., Dahleh Complex 1st Floor PO Box 3164 Amman Jordan - 11821 (tel: +962 (0)6 5828
John Carter has changed to Derick Look but the email for shipping arrangements is word for word the same. Also the address was 22nd Kirsten Avenue, Kommetjie, 8976, Cape Town, South Africa and he wanted us to send the product to his wife Linda. Just wanted everyone to be updated.
I have received the same scam : Thanks for your email and i prefer USD and about width of table i want 70cm.Im located in Saint Louis,Mo, and shipping this to my Client in Spain and i will like to recommend you to a freight company to contact them and find the shipping cost on my behalf.below is the delivering destination as well as the freight company details for you to contact and find out the cost. Delivering Destination M & M Corp Inc. Camil Fabra, 58 Apartado 2 08320 El Masnou Barcelona, Spain Europ Please in order to get the correct freight estimate from the shipping company you need to send them the following information's by email. . Your Location address... . The delivery address. . Weight of the Products. Freight Company Details. .............................. .............................. .. Name of shippers: Super Fast Shipping International Services. Company E-mail: fastshipping01@outlook.com Company E-mail: f a s t s h i p p i n g 0 1@o u t l o o k . c o m Contact Person: Mr.Kwame Lee Thats it and as soon as you contact them and find out the shipping cost.kindly email me back with the Grand Total Cost so that i can go ahead and give you a call to provide you with my credit card details for full payment.Thank you and looking forward to doing more business with you. Kind Regards Scott Phillips
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Thank you to your blog, even though it is old, it still made a difference, we were asked for 10 ladders shipping to Amsterdam but the guy was in Ohio, paying by credit card. Shipping company was Stallied Shipping, when I did research on that name your blog came up. Many thanks Anonymous November 12, 2014
SCAM FLYERS QUOTATION NEEDED Inbox x CARLOS MUNOZ 2:42 PM (17 hours ago) to me Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Mr Carlos Munoz and I would to use your company's service for the following project; Project : Flyers Paper Size : 8.5" x 11" Paper Type : 100# Gloss Text Color : 4/0 - Color Front, No Back Quantity : 90,000 Copies Bleeds : No Bleeds Turnaround : 1-2 Weeks If yes, kindly email back with the quote plus sales tax, without shipping for me to confirm on the quote and proceed further. Do you accept Visa / MasterCard Payments? Thank you, Mr Carlos Munoz Address : 1210 Arch St Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15212 Contact Number : 814-518-7619 Email : carlosmunoz951@gmail.com
This form of scam has been going on for years. Anyone selling over the internet is a target. We have received literally hundreds of these emails. The one constant in all is the gimmick about asking you to arrange pick up from a certain shipper to whom you are to pay for the shipping. If you see that, it is 99% surely one of these scams.
SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM REPLY AFTER I GAVE HIM DOUBLE THE PRICE QUOTE Thanks for the quotation and i will like to move forward with the order and i am shipping these items to a client of mine in Puerto Rico and I will like you to contact the below shippers and get me a shipping quotation to ship the materials. Kindly go ahead and contact the shippers with the following information and request for an accurate quotation: Information Needed to Provide Freight 1.Pick up address : 2.Delivery address = FRIENDS OF THE EARTH 101 Calle Suite 500 San Roberto, Río Piedras, PR‎ PH- 87) 758-2828USA 3. Size, Quantity/ Weight of shipment Shipping Company Details Name of Company : Pacific International Lines (PIL). Contact Name : Mr. Ricardo Bravo Contact Email Address : PacificInternationalLines@gmx.com Phone : 908-751-3991 As soon as you contact and hear back from the shipping company, Send me an email back with the total cost of the items plus shipping and handling charges so that I can make the full down payment altogether with my credit card account. Regards, Mr Carlos Munos ORIGINAL EMAIL: From: CARLOS MUNOZ [mailto:carlosmunoz951@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 4:42 PM Subject: FLYERS QUOTATION NEEDED Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Mr Carlos Munoz and I would to use your company's service for the following project; Project : Flyers Paper Size : 8.5" x 11" Paper Type : 100# Gloss Text Color : 4/0 - Color Front, No Back Quantity : 90,000 Copies Bleeds : No Bleeds Turnaround : 1-2 Weeks If yes, kindly email back with the quote plus sales tax, without shipping for me to confirm on the quote and proceed further. Do you accept Visa / MasterCard Payments? Thank you, Mr Carlos Munoz Address : 1210 Arch St Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15212 Contact Number : 814-518-7619 Email : carlosmunoz951@gmail.com
Another scammer! I looked him up and he does not exisit Hello Sales, I am Ron Weiss of Grinnell Warehouse and I write to inquire about sprinkler products. I will like a catalog with products information to browse through and get back to you. Thank You Ron Weiss Grinnell Warehouse 4332 Gills Road Dallas, TX 75244 Ph : 214-469-9508
OMG I was took but it could have been worse It started off with an e-mail from a guy that wanted to purchase air conditioning equipment and that he was a reverend Frank Walters and that he was purchasing this equipment for a ministry over in Haiti so I worked up an order and gave him the price and he advised me that I needed to get in touch with a shipping company of his choosing and that the price was fine he gave me a credit card that had his name to it and it went through the first time so I thought that this was a real deal came to find out that he was not so after the funds cleared in the bank I was to wire the 4000 to the shipping company and that the shipping company was to come pick up in 48 hrs well.... just before the shipment was to be picked up he re e-mailed me and told me that he wanted 3 more systems (flag 1) and that he wanted to have all 5 pieces of equipment picked up at the same time to save on shipping well there is another (Flag 2) Then I gave him the second price for all and it was approx 19,000.00 10 of which was shipping so he gave me numerous credit cards to try (Flag 3) Now I had backed out of the deal but the first transaction had gone through and I wired the money to the shipping company ACON Shipping (which Is a legit company) and seeing that I paid for the Equipment I reimbursed myself with the purchase of those funds and the remainder was expensed by my company so those funds are not any longer in my possession and now the credit card company wants me to pay for this That is not going to happen -I am Truly sorry to this persons credit card but, They should have fraud protection. I was taken just like they got took! everybody credit card company should have fraud protection these days if anyone can help
I also received an email from hanieldoreen10@gmail.com trying to buy an Iphone, I`m wondering how is that she wants my phone if she can buy it in USA from much less money ( she wants to deposit money to my account) Since the beginning It was very weird I will not sell her anything on this same blog someone already reported that email address
PACIFIC OCEAN FREIGHT Here's another version they are trying - They want shipping to Trinidad, and the freight companies web address is "pacific-ocean.com" I think they are pretending to be a real company called Pacific Freight. They first called us from a private number to confirm that it was a real order, then emailed with all the details including their "quote" from the shipping company. They want to pay us by credit card, then they want us to pay the freight company for the shipping cost. What happens is that the credit card details are stolen. The fake freight company gets to keep the shipping cost amount, which is a decent sized amount on its own. We can never recover this amount we would have paid. And the amount we received by credit card payment is claimed back from credit card company. Hopefully this helps someone else, everyone else's info and experience helped our company.
ANYONE KNOW ABOUT Juan Enriquez Ventures. Address: 109 Rue Pierre Stibbe Anosy Antananarivo 101 Madagascar and (KANGO FREIGHT SYSTEMS)
We were almost taken by these scammers today! Luckily, I was a little wary of the email address and the phone number which I called to see how I was to pay for the delivery. I got a foreign lady saying leave a message and they would call back. Eventually, I got a live person (foreign)who would not tell me who he was or what company I was calling. I hung up and called our credit card company as the "customer" had done all business with our sales person over the phone and by email. They charged the shipping and materials upfront and according to our credit card company they would have disputed the charges to get their money back and we would have been out about $5,000. The "customer" provided a shipping address in Norway and gave us the shipping company that he wanted to use. I checked them out and there is no company - website is under construction... We were contacted by a Bob Brown (bobbbrown@gmail.com) and were asked to use a Delta Shipping. The email address was what initially alerted me to an issue: deltashipping.com@outlook.com the Delta Shipping rep was John Wilson, so when I googled his name and the shipping company this site popped up as someone else had dealt with him in the past. Don't use them and they are a sham! Thanks for all of the posts as I would have had a hard time convincing staff that their sale was bogus without this information. We are lucky that we are just out the cost of materials that we can resell!
Howdy! I could have sworn I've been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it's new to me. Anyways, I'm definitely happy I found it and I'll be book-marking and checking back often! seahawks jersey for baby
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