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Not sure how this scam works, but I also got an email requesting products. When I copied the text and did a google search a couple of sites came up with the exact same words. What made me very skeptical was the location. FIJI islands!!! I make wargaming terrain and this guy was ordering a ton of stuff which made no sense at all. More terrain than inhabitants of the island I am sure. Ok so I wasted a 20 minutes of my life answering his email. Better than getting scammed. Here is part of the text for your benefit: "Concerning the shipment,the likes of UPS,FEDEX and POST OFFICE alway s don't take care of the charges down here. Charges like handling, customs duties,tax etc. I have experienced such situation before and I don't want to be the victims of such a thing again. I will be glad if you contact this freight forwarder JIDAIR CARGO LOGISTICS LTD for shipping quote.The shipping company will arrange the pick-up of my order from your store,so you don't have any stress to face in shipping processing at all.Here is their email address (mamduhlogistics@outlook.com) ,Not that I can't deal with the shipper directly,but they always prefer to deal with the store where they will be doing the pick up in other to reduce the customs duties and other charges.They have a way of preparing their shipment documents whereby the custom duties payment on this goods will be reduced and if I wanted to pay for the custom duties and other charges, at times it is 40% of the whole package amount.I do trust JIDAIR CARGO LOGISTICS LTD ,if not I wouldn't have recommend them for my shipment.They are very reliable and fast.They will take care of everything including Handling, Customs duties,Tax, Insurance etc.Contact them to obtain a quote and get back to me in the format bellow "
We got the same scam. Once I see they want to pick their "forwarder" and imply that I add it to their total; I know something is fishy... Thank you for this website. Hi Sales, My name is Dominic Magliochetti, am getting in touch with you to make a purchase for a Economy Squeegees (Straight) and will need you to get back to me with the pick up price on this including tax and the form of payment? Regards, Dominic
i am looking for a job and i got a email from a guy with ARO LOGISTICS he says they are in Illinois im not sure if this is legit, he says to copy and paste and it feels like a scam cus the company i found online is out of the country not sure what to do so im not gonna reply
Thank you for confirming my suspicions, we just received an email out of the blue asking about product that we do not carry and then they asked for our website. I t was a little backwards to me, but I quoted them and then the final email is almost verbatim to one above: Thank you for the quote. Am sending them to my new company in (TURKEY) Therefor, I will like you to contact (Massion Shipping Co. LTD) with the weight, sizes, quantity, total value of the Goods, pick up and the delivery location and ask them what will be the shipping charges to ship the Goods to (Istanbul, Turkey). And get back to me with the subtotal cost of the Goods, and the shipping charges so that, I will provide you with my credit card information for you to run through both the cost of the Goods and the shipping charges and make the payment to the shipping company so that they will book the shipment in advance and as soon as the Goods are ready for pick up, then you let them know so that they will come for the pick up. The shipping company email address is massionshipping@outlook.com The Delivery address is as follows: David & Sons Klodfarer Cad No 25/1 Çemberlitas 34210 Istanbul. Turkey Waiting for your soonest response. Thank you, David
I also received a scam request from "Jimmy"... james westman rfq james2000014@gmail.com (626)869-7944 Good Day, This is James Westman and am willing to purchase some banners from your shop.The is as shown below. Single Sided 3 ft 0 in high x 6 ft 0 in wide Vinyl Matte Grand Format Material: Vinyl Matte Top Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Bottom Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Left Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Right Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Qty: 100 pcs ArtWork: DI NO AL RACISMO SOMOS UN PUEBLO Name: Jimmy James Westman 12535 Avenida Tineo, San Diego, CA 92128 1 626 869 7944 Email:james200013@gmail.com I would like this order to be pickup at your shop when completed also you will create the art work for me because i don't have one.and i want this very urgently like 5 days please notify me immediately.Get me the total price of the banners plus tax without the freight cost ASAP so that we can proceed.Do you accept credit cards? Regards
Going through the scam right now, told him upfront that everything goes through a PayPal invoice. Said he's having a hard time paying through PayPal, REALLY? Probably is for a con! PayPal has a link that say's pay by credit card, then simply fill in the blanks. I believe we won't be hearing from him again. Thanks for the Scam Posts and thank you PayPal!
I'm going through it right now as I'm writing this. A $12,854. order, $4100 of it is shipping. Posh Freight Inc. I simply told the person who is trying to order our product that we do everything through PayPal. I sent him the PayPal invoice and included shipping. I got an email back that said he thought paying through PayPal was to difficult and that he would like to send me or call me with his credit card info. To difficult to fill in the blanks? RED FLAG! Until now, everything was we need product asap, 24 hours later, still haven't heard from him. Moral of the story is... nip it in the bud and send the invoice, for the 2.5% PayPal charges us could have saved our small company. Thanks for posting this scam!!
Any body know about Right Star Logistic? Reply on Page 1
As far as I can tell, here's another name their using doing this scam. Jeremy Schultzer. This scam shipping company is Expresspickup@execs.com. I am an artist and he basically wants to buy all the paintings on my site that have not been sold. Even has friends who want to buy some. Sure was an exciting thought. I told him to use PayPal but he just wanted to use his credit card. Told him I couldn't do that but I'd run it through my gallery. He had no problem doing this. So I'm was thinking this is legit. I told him FedX is the company I use. He told me that in Singapore the customs are corrupt and difficult. Then linked that Expresspickup company in an email. They would pickup, package, ect. and it would get through customs. I was about to get with my gallery Monday and get this done. It all just seemed a little off though. I never clicked the link, just figured I Google it, and it took me to this page. Wow. I knew something had to be wrong. So I've Googled his name in Singapore and there are no results, but there is a Jeremy Shultz, who apparently works for a paper over there, so his name is known. Not sure how the scam works but how much money did they think they were gonna get from an artist? Maybe their desperate. Anyhow I'm still playing along. Just wanna see how long it takes before they realize I'm not falling for it.
Here is the initial email I received from the scammer: Dear Customer Am sending you this email in regards to make inquiry for (Tention Meter) from your company.I will be very glad if you get back to me with the available sizes/models or a link. And also I want to know if you do accept credit card for this purchase and Let me know if you accept pickup at your location.. Hope to hear from you.Awaiting for your prompt reply. Bryan Smith "Bryan Smith" sent me $7500 via credit card, then I was to pay $2800 to the "Discount Shipping Company". I realized the scam just in time, cancelled the order, and now I have the stolen $7500. I called Master Card, BUT THEY SHOWED NO INTEREST IN RECOUPING THE MONEY OR GETTING MY CONTACT INFO.!! What's up with that?
Thank for your this blog... We just received an email from a UAE "trading" company using some of the same dialog as mentioned here. The exact same wording.
We just almost got scammed to ship $13K in product to "Friends of the Earth" in Puerto Rico via Pacific International Lines. The email they gave was pacificinternationallines@gmx.cm and phone number 908-751-3002. IT'S A SCAM!!!
I am dealing with one of these clowns as we speak. Was excited to get the order but was thinking it was a bit phishy. Anyway his name is Maurice Mcdowell from Invoice / Shipping Address: LIBERTY INVESTMENT 49, City Centre Building, Mendana Avenue, 1390 Honiara, Solomon Island Phone: +677 25290/24818 and the shipping company that is bogus is: Company Name: BRIGHT CARGO SYSTEM E-mail: brightcargosystem@hotmail.com Phone Number: 00447448621569 Beware. They are targeting small businesses, so the orders seem great, but are too good to be true. I have just wasted a lot of time that I didn't have on these fools. I'm glad I didn't invest my money and time on getting the order ready. So they want you to bill their credit card, you pay the shipper and I'm assuming once the credit comes back as stolen you would have to pay the money back.
Similar email scam. I have added email below in hope it may help others searching the web for similar address or information: Hi! Sales,How are you doing today! I'm interested in purchasing some of your products= but firstly i want to make an inquiry if you can ship directly to Bermuda = or accept private pick up by my forwarding agent also i prefer to order via= email than your online store so email me your direct link to your product = on your website or price sheet if possible1. Do you have POS machine to charge credit card manually 2. Do you accept master and visa card for payment before the picking up of = my order by my forwarding agent.Kindly email me if this is possible to ship to us with out any problem.I will await your reply Asap,Adam DoyleSHOP LA CAFE2910 n Par La Ville RoadHamilton, HM DX Bermuda+1 441-565-3213
We received this enquiry last month: Can you please advice me with the price if this unit bellow, 5PB165030 Pinch Bar Length: 1650mm x 30mm A/F Hex Weight: 4.47kg i will be awaiting to heard back from you with the price plus tax but without shipping and also advice me with the types of credit cards you do accept for payment. Yours Respectful Matt Lambart President. Matt & co inc 122A Elizabeth Street Hobart TAS I have seen so many variations on the same scam that I don't even bother responding, I just delete them and go on with my day. I am posting this in case someone else is contacted using the same fake name. This particular one used our website contact form, which records the IP address of the person using the form. I checked this one just to see where he was from - no surprises, Ghana. A distributor of ours almost got caught by the same scam.
Just thought we'd add our experience to what seems like the ever growing list of ways people are trying to scam people with this freight scam. Got an email from a Clark Wilson(clarkwilson40@gmail.com), from Clark Associates, Inc.(2850 Main St., Glastonbury CT 06033), interested in buying snow blowers from our company. The English was really bad, but he seemed to know exact specifications on equipment he was looking for. We cautiously replied, giving him the benefit of the doubt(this is when we began searching the internet for this name and company). He said that everything we said was okay and wanted to order eight snow blowers. We told him that we wouldn't be ordering snow blowers until fall, since it is the beginning of summer, but we would have the quantity he need when we placed our winter order. He got very insistent that he needed them ASAP, and wanted to place a special order. We said okay, but that he would have to call to place an out of season order. He called twice, and both time the connection was horrible, and we were not able to stay connected. He had an extremely thick accent. We realize at this point that there is no way this isn't a scam, but continued to email him to see what his angle was. After the second phone call, he emailed us again, saying he didn't have a good way to call. The number had a Florida area code, and when we question him why he needed snow blowers in Florida and if we were going to have to have these shipped out of state, he was really evasive. He wouldn't answer our questions, but would just keep asking us more questions. We quoted out the eight snow blowers with tax. When he got the quote is when this scam really came to a head. He said the quote sounded okay, but in the end he was needing to have the blowers shipped to Croatia(Mr. David and Sons Solutions Co LTD at Buzinski prilaz 32 Zagreb, 10 010 Croatia). He said that we would need to contact an Emily Madison at zultrexcargoship@hotmail.com. No number to call and absolutely no information about this company on the internet. We're no longer reply to this scam, and wanted to let other innocent people know that these people are still trying scamming people. We've surprisingly never head of this scam before we got this email, but thank God for Google.
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