Warning: Fake shipping company scam


Hello, I have ordered electronics (phones) via Alibaba and the guy responded to me sending my parcel via highway courier. The agreement was the destination in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Now after the shipment they contacted me saying my parcel is being held by the Kenyan customs as it has to be paid for the custom fees. I sense that these people are scammers!!! How do I go about it? Can somebody help? The goods I ordered came from Beaufort America
So 4 days ago I received an email requesting a quote for 2 air conditioners from my company. It was a strange email as they did not state what voltages were required. I sent the quote and yesterday they stated they accepted the quote but wanted me to contact a shipping company and get a quote from them to send it overseas. I just sent the request for quote but something was still strange about this whole transaction. So I started to query the internet on possible scams. I found this website and read the postings. It has confirmed my suspicion that this was a scam. Thank you for all of your postings. Here is part of his email to me: Randy, I want to make the final payment including the delivery charges.Kindly find out the delivery charges so I can pay the total amount in all.I want the units picked up and shipped to Scarborough,Tobago for a project,I want you to contact U-SHIP FREIGHT AND LOGISTICS at (ushipfreight1@gmail.com) and find out if they can pickup from your location and deliver to Scarborough, Tobago The delivery address is Colton Brown 73 Bacolet Street Scarborough 120110 Tobago FREIGHT COMPANY INFORMATION NAME: U-SHIP FREIGHT AND LOGISTICS Email Contact: ushipfreight1@gmail.com PERSON TO CONTACT: PAUL DOUGLAS I think I will play with this guy tomorrow and contact the local law enforcement to see if they can find this guy. Thank you GlassMagazine.com for your service.... Randy
Met him on Skype and he introduced himself as Sgt. goodwill from USA in mission at Iraq, wife died and had son with a friend in Ghana. We chatted for month including his son Perry on cam. It happened that he found a briefcase of gold and wanted to ship to me but had no way then he brought the idea that his friend in Ghana knows Ghana Customs and can pass gold there to me, it started with few $ until I paid almost $46,000 during the process until I found on the web that it scam and I contacted the Ghana Crime Unit and he was arrested and some of my losses recoverd.Beware of scam from Ghana and contact officials!
Mr CHRIS GRANT.... haha There's red flags all over the email exchanges. Seriously, if it sounds fishy, it likely is fishy. Can't believe some actually fall for his scam. Here's our email exchange over the past few days: And no, we didn't run the credit card, but was trying to get more information, hoping FBI would get involved, but so far I haven't heard from the FBI. The below exchange is backwards, you would want to start reading at the bottom. We told him the wire transfer wouldn't go through, hoping he would give us a better contact information and he wated us to send the freight money via western union. Hi Dean , Nice to have you on the phone. Below information will be for you to make the Western Union transfer : Receiver's Name : - STACEY INGABIRE Receiver's Address : - 224 DONGGAN AVE. PUDONG SHANGHAI CHINA 200120 I would require the below details once the transfer is complete. Sender's Full Name : Sender's Address : Amount : I wait to read from you once it done. Chris On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 7:04 PM, Chris Grant wrote: Hi Dean , Good to hear the payment has been confirmed,Please let me know when it will be ready for pick up and In regards to the transfer, As for the shipper when contact them on how the payment should be sent that let me understand since everything is going to be an international transaction and the order is yet ready to be picked up that in such situation like this I was instructed that the payment has to be send directly to their Headquarter office in China as to put into records of order yet to be picked up but payment received. Furthermore, Everything would be fine as I was assured that once the payment it been send and confirmed by the person in charged once the order is ready then it will be taken care of ASAP, To cap it all below is the information for the wire transfer BENEFICIARY ACCT : - STACEY INGABIRE BENEFICIARY ADDRESS : - 224 DONGGAN AVE. PUDONG SHANGHAI CHINA BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT #:- 621226 1001014006818 SWIFT CODE: ICBKCNBJSHI. BANK NAME:- ICBC (INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA) BANK ADD:- SHANGHAI MUNICIPAL BRANCH NO.999,WEST ZHONGSHAN ROAD, PUXI AREA ,SHANGHAI CHINA Upon complete of the transfer when the Transfer is been send today, I would need the transfer confirmation slip and the below details for the forwarder to have the order pick up. Contact Person : Pick Up Address : Contact Phone : Number Of Box: Weight/Dimension : Please advise on the above information as exact requested today. Thank you On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 3:18 PM, Dean wrote: Following up with you Chris. We need the freight forwarder information. From: Dean Sims We will cut them a check, so I will need their information. From: Chris Grant [mailto:christcustserv@gmail.com] Hi Dean , OK- I requested for the cc receipts for my records. Since the order is ready as you have stated for the freight company to come for the pick up the payment need to be transfer to them to let them come for the pick up as I have stated in my previous email. Send me all request info so I can forward you details to make the transfer to them. Thanks Chris On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 11:06 PM, Dean wrote: Chris, Sorry, I was visiting with a customer this morning when you called. We lost connection before I was able to get your phone number to return your call. The phone number listed in your signature doesn’t work. Your order is ready. 1 skid 48” x 48” x 39” tall Weight: 256 lbs You can send your freight company any time. Regards, Dean From: Chris Grant [mailto:christcustserv@gmail.com] Hi Dean , Thanks for the payment confirmation update. Do send me attachment with each credit card receipts. You stated the order is ready for pick up, Confirm when the freight forwarder cam come for the pick up. Chris On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 7:10 PM, Dean Sims wrote: We have charged the credit card and your order is ready to pick up. Regards, Dean -----Original Message----- From: Chris Grant [mailto:christcustserv@gmail.com] Hello Dean , Below is my credit card #'. I want you to run charges on the card now and get back to me with confirmation on charges as exactly charge. You are to understand that you would split charges on the card as exactly instructed which is that you will run the charges of $809.98 X 4 on card as I have contact my bank and they let me understand that they are low limit on the cards which means you have to charge the cards as low as you can but I just cant understand why all this are happening although have contact my bank and they provided the card below and please understand that you are to charge the cards manually as instructions below : You are to charge four separate payments for $809.98 each on the card......See below Visa Card # Exp Date Cvv Name On Credit Card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX |10/16| XXX Chris Grant I want you charge the credit card now and get back to me with the payment confirmation receipts. Thank you! Chris On 2/24/15, Dean wrote: > I’m in the office. > > Regards, > > Dean > > > > From: Chris Grant [mailto:christcustserv@gmail.com] > > > > Good Morning Dean , > > Sorry for getting back to until now. Please let me know when you get > in office so I can forward you my cc details for charges. > > Thanks > Chris > > > > On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 5:44 PM, > > Sounds good Chris. > > I will need the credit card number, expiration date, security code, > name on the card and the billing address. > > Regards, > > Dean > > > > From: Chris Grant [mailto:christcustserv@gmail.com > > > Dean , > > I hope this finds you well? Thanks for the total quote of my order. > The total cost of my order is quite correct and I'm ready to progress > with pay the payment. I shall inform my freight forwarder who will be > coming to pick up the order to hold on and come immediately you have > inform me that the items are ready for pick up then I can give you a > call on that day to get the items packed for pick up and they will > call you on their arrival at your address. Also I want you to help me > charge another $850 from my credit card for the freight forwarder > who will be coming to pick up my ordered items from you, Since they > ship at a lesser price than any other courier and they are so > effective in shipping my goods to me here in the remote area in > (Cyprus) is estimated to be 2-3days. I have used their service in the > past and it was splendid and cost effective, Their delivery is always > within 72 working hours with a secure, safe & reliable service they > also collaboration with leading air express companies. > > The $850 that will be sent to the freight forwarder is for the > shipping of my order and should be deducted from my credit card. Also, > I'm compensating you with the sum of ( $100 ) for the transfer fee > and for your efforts. Please note that I should have given the > shipping agency my credit card for him to deduct the freight charges > but he told me that he doesn't have the facilities to charge or debit > credit card , so that's why I bring my vote of confidence in you which > I want you to aid me in this measure, So i want you to transfer the > funds to him after you have make the charges and the money charged > from my credit card is in your account, Then you can now make the > transfer to the agent via Western Union or you can send money through > Money Gram..I will have love to do this my self but there are no > western union here around me as I am out of town to monitor my estate > construction at a remote village,So the charges you'll make on my credit card will be: > > Order Fee:- $2289.94 > Agent fee:- $850 > Transfer fee:- $100 > > Total to Charge :- $3239.94 > > > The shipping cost include: > Collection from your Yard > Customs clearance > Duties & taxes > Inland transit to final destination. > Insurance > > > Note that my credit card will be charged for the amounts above. Please > do get back to me if you are in the office right now so that i can > forward my credit card details to you, then you can charge the funds, > Warm Regards, Chris > > > > On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 4:28 PM, > > Attached is the revised quote with 1ea of the BOP hoses. > > I noticed that you didn’t request the quick connects fittings. > > Do you need the quick connects fittings, or do you already have them? > > Regards, > Dean > > > > From: Chris Grant [mailto:christcustserv@gmail.com > > Dean , > > Please send me a new quote for 1pcs of each items. > > Chris > > > > On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 3:43 PM, > > Attached is the quote that you requested. > > Delivery: 2-3 weeks (ARO) > > If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. > > Regards, > > Dean > > > > > > > > From: Chris Grant [mailto:christcustserv@gmail.com > > Dean , > > > Thank you for the reply,I got your email earlier and to follow up with > the list of items I would like to order, Below is my order details > for you to have it process through and advise with cost as requested > respectively > > > > Quote me on the following items- > > ======================***************************===================== > = > > Fire-Flex 3000 BOP Hose > > Part # : A822-06 > > Part # : A822-12 > > > > QTY-------------------------------------------4pcs Each > > > ======================***************************===================== > = > > > > Shipping Address : > > Company Name: Christ Store Inc > > 293 Megalou Alexandrou Street, > > Aglantzia , Nicosia 2121 Cyprus > > Tel: +00357 2201 4370 > > > > I want the above quantities for each items .Concerning the > shipment,the likes of UPS,FEDEX and POST OFFICE always don't take care > of the charges down here. Charges like handling, customs duties,tax > etc. I have experienced such situation before and I don't want to be > the victims of such a thing again email me with the total cost of my order ONLY. > > > > Meanwhile As for the shipping cost you won't need to worry about > that as I've a personal shipping agent that will come for the pick up > in your store/warehouse, Although I have been informed the best way to > commence the pick up in your store/warehouse is for you to forward me > with the your store address and time package will be ready for pick up > with your convenience time and date that will be appropriate for the pick up. > > > > Please kindly get back to me with the above requested details then I > can proceed to make payment with my credit card details. > > Best Regards > > Thank you! > Chris Grant > > On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 2:10 PM, > > Chris, > If you can send me your parts list, I can get you prices. > I do accept Visa and/or MC as payment. > We can ship anywhere in the USA. > If you need parts exported, you would have to use your own exporting > company. > Look forward to your reply. > Regards, > > -----Original Message----- > From: Chris Grant [mailto:christcustserv1@gmail.com > Hello , > > I'm Chris Grant, Respectively I have some interest in your > products,Inwhich I would prefer to ask you directly if ship to Cyprus > and accept Visa & MC as payment. > > > > Let me know if you ship to the above destination and also if you > accept the payment terms as indicated above. > > > > I would be most appreciated if you return this email with your website > and some current product price list. > > > > Best Regards > > Chris Grant
I was contacted by a David Atkins about making a shi pment to Latvia via Danis Shipping Company. All was well, until I insisted on wire transfer or certified check prior to shipping. And POOF, he disappeared.
Here he is trying to change things up a bit to try & fool people. This is the email I received a few minutes ago. Not too bright!! Good day My name is Mr Luis Alves and i want to make a inquiry of some Banner,the type of banner i will like from you is vinyl and the size i want is 32"x60" with grommet on the banner.I want this Message on the banner is (Save The Childten).Kindly get me some price for a Quantity of 400 banners and please advise me the Payment method you do accept and also how long will it take you before getting me those banners for pickup to be Schedule.Please advice to my email as soon as you received this email.Thank You. My Phone is number 5403136542 Mr Luis Alves mrluisalves12@gmail.com
Thank you so much! I'm a private gumtree seller. I was trying to sell secondhand products worth of £690.00 Please see copy of emails from scam buyer: 1) I have just made the payment now. PayPal will contact you with the payment confirmation mail regarding the payment. The shipping company wants £150 for the pick up and delivery and i have included it to the payment i sent. The shipping company will also get in touch with you with the details and information you will need to send the money to the Pick Up Agent. 2)You should have received the instructions mail from both PayPal and the Shipping Company on how to complete the transaction from your end. I will suggest you check in your spam folder as the mail might be in there. 3)Actually, The payment has been made already and has been deducted from my account..But the issue is that PayPal has placed a temporary hold on the fund for security reasons just to protect both of us..So you will have to send the money to the Agent and get back to PayPal with the western union details for verification and once the transfer has been verified, the whole fund will be released into your account without any further delay. I hope you understand the fact that PayPal is trying to protect both parties. Money for shipping was supposed to be sent to: Name: Isaac Coker City: Ibadan, State: Oyo Zip Code:23402 Country: Nigeria. Thank you again! Private sellers be cautious!!! Shipping company: Primus Shipping Company (no official website) Mailing person: Shannon Prater from praternsb226@gmail.com
Here are the emails they are using: mcdonalshipping@email.com floydbill7@gmail.com HEre is where they said 12,000 worth of equipment was shipping to: Mr Anthony Hopkins Västra Götaland County,400 12 Göteborg Geijersgatan 1 Sweden Here is the shipping company they were using: Mr Chuck Datson Int. Shipping Department. McDonal Shipping And Trading Co.
This Guy use the name of Floyd Bill McDaniel .... I actually had a conversation with with him. Name : Floyd Bill McDaniel Address : 3534 W Ball Rd, Anaheim Ca 92804 Phone : 209-730-8868 Tried to order $18,000 worth of materials. How he fail to scammed me ? This guy uses an American Name... but has a heavy accent which either sound like hes somewhere from south a 3rd world country with a broken English.
Here is one we just got scammed on, similar to one noted about a year ago. We made him pay upfront since we were suspicious. Credit cards went through fine and so we wired money to the shipping company. Credit card companies are now calling saying the cards we charged were not Johans. See email text below for more info on this scam. Hello Dan, I am okay with the total cost of $7,698.00 for my order and I would like to proceed with payment. Unfortunately I just had a call that my wife is in labor back in Washington , and due to that I will not be available to receive it for a subsequent forwarding to my newly opened company in Brazil. This is because I have to spend much time with my wife in Washington, since she needs my care and affection for our first child. For now, I will like to recommend you to a shipping company which I will like to use for the pick up, so that you can get in touch with them and find out how much they are going to charge in shipping the materials from your location to my newly opened company in Brazil. You are not responsible for packing and crating because they will come to your location and do all the necessary arrangement. I will get back to you with my detailed credit card info. as soon as I get the freight charges so that you can put the total charges through and then proceed with the order. Details of the shipping company. Name: Air Cargo Logistics Inc. Manager: Larry Newman. Email address: quotes.aircargologltd@hotmail.com I want you to email them with your location address, that is the pick up address and details of the package to be picked up that is weight, dimension and quantity and then let them know the delivery address is: Luke Campbell Avenida Atlantica 4240, Copacabana. Rio De Janeiro.Brazil Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from you as soon as you get the freight charges from Air Cargo Logistics Inc. Regards Johan
Scam person calls luis alves thats the same strange person said that i have to ship merchandise to his country his email its mrluisalves12@gmail.com his phone number its 5403136542 he call for order baners and also want to pay send credit card but want to pay shiping to order other and shipping but thats the problem its that want to pay the shipping to company called Vick Logistics Company and also contact Erick Brown email its email: vickshipping@hotmail.com the address that Luis Alves put was SHIP TO: 302,Rue Gregoire, Ville De Petion-Ville(HT6120) THATS THE TRICK HE WANT THAT I CHARGE THE SHIPPING THEN WEN I PAY SHIPPING HE BLOCK THE CREDIT CARD HE ITS CRAZY
Thank you!!! Please add to this never-ending list: The contact person: Barry Dude Address: UNICEF 17, Rue Armand Holly De'bussy Port - au - Prince, Haiti Shipping company: Paul James Freight & Logistic Manager TANEX shipping co Ltd Email: tanexshippingco@live.com
I'm always wary of emails that use the generic "I'm interested in your products/I'd like to place an order" since our products are very unique and real customers usually say the actual item they're interested in. Second, the fact that they want "Private pickup" with credit card is always fishy. Here's the email we got: Good Day, Greetings from Leeventures. My name is Lee Scott, I will like to place an order to Hamilton, HM DX Bermuda,however i would like to know if you accept private pickup and let me know the credit card type you accept (Master,Visa Card) as form of payment. It will be appreciated if you return my email with your latest updated website or attached price sheets of your products. Leeventures 207 Par La Ville Road Hamilton, HM DX Bermuda Kindest Regards, Lee Scott
Just Received This From Our Website, Good Thing I Looked Up The Address and Stumbled On This Page. A message from xigentprints.com john (dfg) submitted the following message via the Contact Us page. Email: smith20020@gmail.com Phone: 0000000000 Good Day, This is John smith and am willing to purchase some banners from your shop.The is as shown below. Single Sided 3 ft 0 in high x 6 ft 0 in wide Vinyl Matte Grand Format Material: Vinyl Matte Top Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Bottom Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Left Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Right Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Qty: 100 pcs ArtWork: FÚTBOL ES NUESTRA PASIÓN Y AMAMOS EL JUEGO! GOL GOL GOL Name: Triverso Inc, Address: 212 Waterford Ct Apt D Lafayette, Indiana 47905,USA Phone #: 262 648 6144 I would like this order to be pickup at your shop when completed also you will create the art work for me because i don't have one.and i want this very urgently like 5 days please notify me immediately.Get me the total price of the banners plus tax without the freight cost ASAP so that we can proceed.Do you accept credit cards? Regards Thank You! john
HE'S STILL DOING THIS!!! GOT THIS TODAY! Name john Subject order Message Good Day, This is John smith and am willing to purchase some banners from your shop.The is as shown below. Single Sided 3 ft 0 in high x 6 ft 0 in wide Vinyl Matte Grand Format Material: Vinyl Matte Top Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Bottom Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Left Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Right Finishing: 1" Hem & Grommets - Grommets in corners Qty: 100 pcs ArtWork: FÚTBOL ES NUESTRA PASIÓN Y AMAMOS EL JUEGO! GOL GOL GOL Name: Triverso Inc, Address: 212 Waterford Ct Apt D Lafayette, Indiana 47905,USA Phone #: 262 648 6144 I would like this order to be pickup at your shop when completed also you will create the art work for me because i don't have one.and i want this very urgently like 5 days please notify me immediately.Get me the total price of the banners plus tax without the freight cost ASAP so that we can proceed.Do you accept credit cards? Regards Email smith20020@gmail.com
I just had this happen to me today, I also own a vape shop. his number is 1 (203) 302-0859, his email is mrdominic64@gmail.com, and his "name" is Dominic Dover, he also sounded like he was in a different country and had terrible English. This was definitely a scam. "We had a customer who called in with a very bad signal and very bad english. He claims is name is Mr. Dominic Dover who owns a night club in Austria. He initially called to ask for a small starter kit item around $45 and acted like a normal customer and seems to want to know a good deal. Then he said, okay I'll take it! Also, I would like to order 80 units of these. I told him I can give him wholesale pricing and he said to email him all the necessary information. His name (a US name) House and street number and phone all checked out to be from CT, USA. After Initial Email of the total invoice, I asked him to choose specific colors for the product of 80 units. He agreed to the total price of 80 units, but the first red flag was, the color supplied only totaled 56 units, and he agreed to pay for the total 80 units. No normal person would want to pay more for less units and would make sure that the units ordered would actually total up the real amount. Then he called me back on phone and asked if I ever get the quote. Then he said now Lets add more 100 more products and I can pay with credit card right away. By email, he agreed to pay everything, now he insisted on using his own shipping company. D.E.freights@outlook.com This is the 3rd RED FLAG. First of all, no shipping company "d.e.freights" exists and secondly, outlook.com is a free email service like (gmail, yahoo, etc) so a reputable company should say the domain name. He kept calling back and demanded that I calculate the shipping weight and email it to "that company" (which is really him) so he can come back with a quote. I told him that it will take some time to calculate all the weight, so he insisted that that company is special, that if i just told him the amount of units and item, they can Magically find out how exactly how much the total weight was, and that they can quote me a price. After further investigation, I already know these scams all too well, but at the same time don't want to be rude to my clients by giving them the benefit of the doubt, and I'm sure this is why many people fall victim to this scam. So He kept calling back our company, and tried to talk to all the sales people, the directors, the manager, so he is quite persistent. I kindly told him you need to supply Business name, address, sellers permit number and copy, and then we can process this order. Since then, he had not responded with any of that information, but kept insisting that I give him the package weight to make the deal so he can pay with his credit card right away -- The FINAL RED FLAG. So Hopefully everyone reading this can learn more about this scam and not fall victim to any of these as many small businesses in America area already hurt during the recession and may feel like "Oh My god, we can make so much money on this deal today, it can help pay for this months rent and bills!!!" then they jump right into the scammers lap only to be hit with a $5000 shipping fee, and a $5000 charge back and plenty of deadstock shipping in your office. Luckily, I've seen this way too often to move forward with a deal like this. "If it looks like a duck, quack like a duck, it's probably is a DUCK!" RULE OF THUMB TO AVOID THESE SCAMS ARE: 1. Always get their full business information, Name, Business name, Sellers Permit, Website, more information the better 2. Always use your own shipping company and follow your company's policies and well trusted shipping companies (USPS, Fedex, UPS, DHL) 3. A real buyer will never pressure themselves or you into buying something IMMEDIATELY. If you were buying something greater than $1000 value, you would probably need some time to think it over and check pricing, product, and company's reputation. You would never buy $1000+ worth of something and commit within a matter of minutes on the phone. 4. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is. "Here is the exact email I received from Mr. Dominic Dover Thank you for your email,, I am Glad with the whole sale price you gave me on The Starter Kit , I will like to purchace 12 pics of Black, Silver, and Blue, 10 pics of the Pink, and Purple .. i am glad with the hole sale price Total for 80 kit is $1840,,i will also like to purchase 160 pics of the Juice,, 40 of the Juice and 40 Of the Juice,, I am Using it for my New Night Club in Austria, I will like you to add the price of the Liquid and and the kids and give me the total so that i can call you to tame the payment,,,Hope to hear from you,After i make payment and the Unit are ready myfreight company will come and pick them up Thank you, Mr Dominic Dover 132 terry rd , Hartford, CT 06105, 2033020859 Mrdominic64@gmail.com Re: Thank you for your email again,, I will like to purchase the 160 Bottles is for the total of $800 ($5 per bottle ,, thank you for the discount,, the total of the Kits $1840 the total of $800 total of all is $2640 I hope i am right with the total,, 80 unit with 12mg, 80 unit with 16mg,, this is good for me and my business,, hope to hear from you.. Thank you Mr Dominic Thank you very much for Your email.. the total price is $2640,, I will be making the payment to you with my credit card.. About the shipping, I will like you to email this freight company with the total weight so that they can give me the freight cost to Austria,, This is the freight company email address d.e.freight@outlook.com This is the delivering address ,, Am Fleischmarkt 20, Vienna A-1010, Austria. Please email them and get me the total cost of the freight so that i can call you to make the payment.. when you get the total cost of the freight, add it on the total cost of the unit and give me the total Quote so that i can call and make the total payment to you.. Email them with your address and the delivering so that they can get the total quote for me,, THANK YOU Mr Dominic Hello, Just to verify, 12 Black Kit 12 Silver Kit, 12Blue Kit 10 Pink Kit 10 Purple Kit Total is 56 Units. What other quantities of color did you want to total 80 units? Nice to hear from you and i am glad you verify.. 20 black kit, 20 silver kit and 20 blue kid, 10 pick kit and 10 purple kit,, total is 80 unit,, Thank you for you verify,, Email the freight Company and get me the Freight Cost now,, If you dont have the weight you cab email the with the total of the unit,, Thank you Re: Thank you for doing business with you, I will like to know if you have email the freight company and get me the freight cost,, Please email me back with the total of the unit and the freight so that i can make the payment to you,,, Thank you Mr dominic Re: Can you send me the following information for your business: Name: Business: Business Address: Sellers Permit #: Also for tax purposes, we need a copy of your sellers permit as well. Once we receive this, we can process your wholesale order right away. Thank you --- BOOM! No response after! Hope this helps everyone run a safe and secure business, and prevent everyone in any new niche base business from happening!"
Look Out for Guandox or Guandol Shipping Company, Cody or other will email and request many pairs of shoes, then attempt to use many stolen CC numbers, and then send quote for shipping company, and request that the small business (me/you) send the freight moneys directly to shipping company, the scam seems pretty straightforward to me, and quite transparent... This is a sample email from Cody and Sons Pty Ltd... thank you , i have just finished talking to the freight and said they only accept wire transfer for their shipments. Please the make the payment of $990 to their main account, and below is the banking details for the payment; they accept all the banking charges. BSB 016464 ACCOUNT 533696442 NAME MARGARET BULUK ANZ BANK.
BIELEFELD SHIPPING SERVICES www.bielefelds.com In first impression this company looks so professional on their web site. But if you take a close look on their website you can see easily that is a fake company. Please look at the bottom of the website and click on their; - photo gallery (there is no single photo regarding to shipping) - news&events, (there is no news or events regarding to the company) - feedbacks, (all feedbacks are about Flick Media) - upcoming events, There is no such upcoming events At the bottom of the website there is social media links in order to follow their company. However when you click on them there is no twitter, youtube, facebook account. When you check their locations you see many countries without phone numbers and when you look at their location map you see the red dots on the map but not in Ghana, Accra. However their office is in Accra Ghana with phone number. Their tracking system works very well surprisingly. They have own bank account in Ghana, Accra. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROFESSIONAL CHEATERS!!! www.bielefelds.com
Just received this email from Mr Paul: Hi, How are you doing ones again,Am okay with Price and am ready to proceed with my credit card !But i will like to recommend you to a freight company for the pickup,Am shipping this Unit to my Client Carlos Juan Perez in ARGENTINA and i will like you to contact this freight company for the pickup:(Global Express Shipping Co Ltd ), and the information that the shipping company will request in order to provide you with the shipping charges is 1. The full pick up location Address 2. The size and Quantity of the unit to be picked up and shipped 3.The shipping address Carlos Juan Perez Antonio del Viso 32 B° Alta Cordoba C.P. 5001 Cordoba - ARGENTINA Contact Name : Mr Mitchell Fowler Freight Email: globalexpresshipping@rocketmail.com And include your pickup location and they will surely get back to you with the freight quote..As soon as they get back to you with the freight quote,then add it to the unit cost and email me with the grand total of the unit including shipping all together so that i can finalize the order with my credit card.Thanks and hope to hear from you asap... Regards Paul Once I replied saying the shipping costs must be paid directly they never replied..
Yep, just got an email with exactly the same wording. Pity, we needed a good sale!
SCAM: After they request a banner order, to deliver from Puerto Rico to Haiti I got this email back. Thanks you I would like to order for pieces and regard forwarding of the unit to Haiti,i would like you to contact Mr Agori of Agori expressshipping Co.at Agoriexpressshipping@Hotmail.com and give them the weight of the order and your address for pick up and request a shipping quote from them to ship my order from your pick up address to my clients address below. Get back to me ASAP when you get a shipping quote from them so that I can call to pay for my order today. Thank you and waiting to hear from you. Ship to 302, Rue Grégoire, Ville De Pétion-Ville(HT6120 ) I was able to catch the scam on time, thanks to the comments of this website.
We are a custom made furniture business and are currently back and forth emailing a Paul Robert. He would like to order a custom made cabinet that we have put a bogus price of $25000 dollars on. He says he is happy to pay it by credit card but would like us to contact Global Express Shipping Co Ltd to ship the cabinet to his client in Argentina. Shipping address: Carlos Juan Perez Antonio del Visa 32 B° Alta Cordoba C.P 5001 CORDOBA-ARGENTINA Contact name: Mr Mitchell Fowler Freight email: globalexpressshipping@rocketmail.com Just thought I'd let you know.
Hi beware. I have had afew of these transport deals where the motorbike is at the shipping company so you must pay them and then they will deliver and you have 5 days to inspect before they release your money to the seller. Buyer beware, the latest is SHIPPING VOICE Limited
Just got this one from Tim Harris Hello, Below are my details: Company Name: Opportunity Supplies LLC 5005 126th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760 Please advise a quote for the following excluding shipping charges: reRubber Tire Sealant Regards Tim
This is one i just got and thank you for everyone posting to here i do believe this is a scam i'm in the middle of calling them out so we will see. Urgent Order Inbox x Jesse K. Newman Mar 17 (2 days ago) to jim Dear Sir/Madam, This is Jesse and I will like to order ( Propagation Mat ) Do get back to me with the types and cost for the ones you do carry and let me know if there is an extra cost when using visa or master card. Kindly get back to me with your name .Are you the sales manager or the owner? Regards..... Jesse K. Newman Jim Perrino 10:14 AM (21 hours ago) to Jesse visit this link see our propagation matts www.grower420.com/products/propagation-heat-mat-60x21-140-watts Jesse K. Newman 6:35 AM (1 hour ago) to me Hello, Thanks for your email.I am interested to order 35pieces of Propagation Heat Mat 60x21 140 watts costing $149.95. each. Well am recommending a freight company for the pick up of the items. Now I want you to contact the shippers with the total weight of the items and find out the freight cost. The delivery address is below: Delivery Address:- Syri Ventures Dudokweg 526 1703 DA Heerhugowaard The Netherlands Shipping Company's Information Name: Trinity Freight Contact Person Name: Jim Whyte Freight Company Email Address : ( trinityfreightco@hotmail.com ) Try and CC me a copy of what you will be sending to the freight company... Kindly include the place of pick-up location and they will surely get you a freight quote. Immediately you hear from them you go ahead and email me back with the grand total cost of the transaction so that I can proceed with the payment with my Credit Card. Best Regards Jim Perrino 7:01 AM (59 minutes ago) to Jesse Please allow a couple of days for me to set up the best way to ship these to u as in proper packaging for safe transport and a proper way of securing and guaranteeing the funds for the freight and my product leaveing my location. Ur freight company has certain guidelines they r going to want me to follow it's now 7 am eastern standard time and I can start to contact them now the faster they get me their info. The faster I can generate a response to u. And again thank u for ur business. Jim@ grower420.com Thursday, March 19, 2015, 6:35 AM -0400 from Jesse K. Newman : Click here to Reply or Forward 1 deleted message in this conversation. View message or delete forever. 0.07 GB (0%) of 15 GB used Manage Last account activity: in 1 minute Details
Has anyone heard of RightStar Delivery & Logistics, LLC. They have sent me an acceptance for Employment. Sending me merchandise for me to ship out and at the end of the month I would receive $3,180.00. This sounds to good to be true. Anonymous March 19, 2015 9:40 A.M.
This one is from John Smith (lol very unlikely). We are a printing company in Arizona and he says he is in Indiana. I have asked him for his contact info multiple times with no luck. Of course the number provided is false and doesn't work or ring. Thank you for having this site as we are a small company and cannot afford to lose $5k in product. Here is the email below: Thanks for your email with the total cost.well im located in Lafayette,Indiana ,but am shipping this to my Client in Spain and i will like to recommend you to a freight company to contact them and find the shipping cost on my behalf.below is the delivering destination as well as the freight company details for you to contact and find out the cost. Delivering Destination Comsumers Inc CALLE GIRONA 85 GRANOLLERS-BARCELONA CODIGO 08400 ESPAÑA. Please in order to get the correct freight estimate from the shipping company you need to send them the following information's by email. . Your Location address... . The delivery address. . Weight of the Products. Freight Company Details. .............................. .............................. .. Name of shippers: REIMA EXPRESS INTERNATION SHIPPING Company E-mail: Reimaxpress@outlook.com Company E-mail: R e i m a x p r e s s @ o u t l o o k . c o m Contact Person: Mr Ron Adams Thats it and as soon as you contact them and find out the shipping cost.kindly email me back with the Grand Total Cost so that i can go ahead and provide you with my credit card details for full payment.Thank You. Regards
contacted us and am not feeling right about this. SHIPPING ADDRESS: Leo D Store 21A Sandais Drive, Belize City, Belize Central America Telephone Number: (501) 8220332 Concerning the shipping the likes of UPS, DHL and others always don't take care of the charges down here because of the charges such as handling, customs and duties etc. I have experienced such situation before which i don't want to go through that again, you don't need to worry about the stress involve because i have a shipping company that have delivered to me in the past and i am okay with their services. I will be glad if you contact (Quick Cargo Services) for the shipping quote. Here is their email address ( cargo_service.quick@null.net ) they will take care of everything including handling, customs and duties,tax, insurance and so on. You will need to email the shipping company the total weight of the items listed above and also the pickup and delivery address in other to get a shipping quote from them. Once i have the total cost including shipping fee via Quick Cargo Services plus the cost of items, i will send you my credit card details for you to charge the total cost from it and get the shipping fees settle to Quick Cargo Services so they can come for the pickup ASAP and always send me the copy of email you send to them. Below is what i will need from you before i can send you my credit card details for charges. Shipping cost via Quick Cargo Services All additional cost ( transfer fee to Quick Cargo Services ) Total cost ( cost of items + shipping cost via Quick Cargo Services agent + transfer fee to Quick Cargo Services agent ) Looking forward for your utmost response before your closing hours asap today,so as to know how to proceed . Sincerely Salvador Tovar Leo D Store 21A Sandais Drive, Belize City, Belize Central America Telephone Number: (501) 8220332 ] Thanks for your email, due to economical problem here in my country and we are not allowed to send money out of the country and the easiest was for us to make payment would be through my secure credit card so am sorry i can only make payment with my credit card, please advice and let me know if you have POS terminal machine to charge or online terminal so you can include the charge to my order. Please note am using my USA Master card. Thank you.
SCAM * SCAM * SCAM * SCAM Just received the John smith willing to purchase some banners from my shop order today... The quote is as shown below. Single Sided 3 ft 0 in high x 6 ft 0 in wide Vinyl Matte Grand Format Material: Vinyl Matte Qty: 70 pcs Name to : Consumers Inc Address: 212 Waterford Ct Apt D Lafayette, Indiana 47905,USA Phone #: 262 648 6144 The order to be pickup at your shop when completed also you will create the art work for me because i don't have one.and i want this very urgently like 5 days please notify me immediately.Get me the total price of the banners plus tax without the freight cost ASAP so that we can proceed.Do you accept credit cards? i am glad i did a google search first and found this information
From: Mcdaniel Bill [mailto:floydbill7@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 1:25 PM To: sales@refwest.com Subject: Quote Request Hi Sales, My name is Floyd Bill McDaniel, am getting in touch with you to make a purchase for a CERAMIC FIBER BLANKET with the below specs. Temp Rating (F) : 2300 Density : 6 Thickness (inches) : 1 Width (inches) : 24 Length (Feet) : 25 so get back to me with the pick up price on these including tax and the form of payment? Regards, Floyd Ph : 209-730-8868
They're still at it. A guy named George Best contacted my printing company asking that we produce a large quantity of flyers for shipping to Haiti. He quickly emailed press ready artwork with no address or phone, representing it to be for a Christian outreach ministry. The shipping company he referred us to was Diamond Star Freight. After the printing and shipping costs were confirmed we asked for payment in advance by check or m.o. drawn on a U.S.bank. He replied that he could only pay by credit card and asked for my direct line to give me the info by phone. I asked that he provide all the details including full name and address on the card. Never heard from him again.
Still at it. Got this email today after an initial email asking if we accepted credit cards:******************************** Hello, Thanks for the reply on my inquiry. I do really appreciate it a lot, Here are the items and quantities required. Kindly get back to me with the quote as soon as possible today: ***Edited for brevity. Ordered about US$2000 worth of merch*** Shipping Address: THM TRADE LIMITED 25/35 Mitropolit Teodosij 1000 Skopje Macedonia. T: +389 2 3222 600 F: +389 2 3333 600 Concerning the shipping , the likes of UPS, DHL and others always don't take care of the charges down here.Charges like handling,customs and duties etc. We have experienced such situation before and i don't want to experience such thing again,you do not need to worry about the stress involve and all documentations because i have a shipping company that have delivered to me in the past,i really like their services so i will like you contact them about the shipping.I will be glad if you contact this shipper (KANGO FREIGHT SYSTEMS) for the shipping quote. Here is there email address (info.kangofreightsys@qualityservice.com) They will take care of everything including handling, customs and duties,Tax, insurance etc,also you will be responsible for payment to KANGO FREIGHT SYSTEMS then all costs as far as shipping, taxes, duties, and insurance in addition to the costs of the product should be sent to me in a proforma invoice to be paid in advance of shipment. Always send me the copy of email you send to them, Kindly email them with details below, Your Company Name and Pick Address: Time the package will be ready for pick up with your convenience time and date: Contact Person for the pickup arrangement: Telephone Number: Weight of the package and how many boxes are they: cost of items.......... shipping cost via (KANGO FREIGHT SYSTEMS........ all additional cost (transfer fee to (KANGO FREIGHT SYSTEMS )..................... total cost (cost of items+shipping cost via (KANGO FREIGHT SYSTEMS agent + transfer fee to (KANGO FREIGHT SYSTEMS).......... So i can send you my credit card details for you to charge the total cost from it and get the shipping fees settled, then my order can be shipped out asap. Best Regards, Mark Nelson ********************************************* I forwarded a link to "Mr. Nelson" of this page. Hope he finds it as entertaining as I did. Thanks to all who reported this.
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