Will you be ready?


I am very excited to write my first blog as the new senior manager of Education & Training for the National Glass Association. I was thrilled to join the NGA, because I believe the mission of this organization and the great industry it serves is perfectly aligned with my passion for training and education. But enough about me, this blog post was inspired by you!

A recent news clip caught my attention and propelled me to write this post. Economic indicators say the job picture is brightening and demand for skilled workers is on the rise.  So, how do you prepare and ensure that you are competitive? 

Throughout my career I have been asked many times, "What is the key to long-term success and remaining relevant in the market?" The answer is—drum roll, please—having well trained, highly skilled employees!  It truly is the only way a business can distinguish itself from the pack.

However, even with that knowledge, some businesses look for ways to cut their spending and tighten their belts, and sadly, training is often sacrificed. This impacts the bottom line more negatively than most businesses realize.  Statistics show that by not investing in employees (or yourself for that matter), businesses suffer. On the other hand, businesses that invest in their people by sending their staff to good training programs see huge benefits, such as:

  • Employees feel valued, resulting in greater loyalty to the company
  • Employees make better decisions when they participate in formal training programs
  • You create a reputation for your company that you are a great employer and a great place to work
  • Reduced turnover
  • Increased productivity

Some business owners wonder how they can find the time or what the best way to develop a good training program is.  My goal is to help you answer those questions and develop a strategy with you to meet your training needs. The mission of the NGA is to “provide cutting-edge education and training programs that upgrade technical skills, improve management practices and enhance quality workmanship" like MyGlassClass.comMyWindowClass.com  and the Glass Management Institute.

As is the nature of business, strategic models will shift from time to time, but the need for training will remain a constant. With all indicators pointing to a new day, it begs the question, “Will you be ready?"

Lilly Grossman is senior manager, Education & Training, for the National Glass Association. Write her at lgrossman@glass.org.


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