Southwall Technologies’ film helps auto makers improve fuel efficiency, reduce GHG emissions

Business Wire
May 27, 2009

In response to President Barack Obama’s plan to increase and accelerate industry requirements for higher gas mileage and lower greenhouse gas emissions, Southwall Technologies Inc., the worldwide innovator of high performance energy-saving films and glass products, today called on automakers to install infrared (IR) reflective glass using XIR film technology in all new vehicles. Doing so would be an immediate and cost-effective step toward improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

“Automotive decision makers may be surprised to discover that existing technologies, such as IR reflective glass using XIR film, can help them meet the President's mandate to accelerate fuel efficiency in US cars," said Dennis Capovilla, Southwall Technologies’ president and CEO. “Europe has adopted automotive glass with XIR film technology in over 20 million vehicles since 1993, and it represents low-hanging fruit for US vehicle manufacturers seeking to deliver tomorrow’s high-efficiency vehicles today,” according to a May 27 Business Wire report. 

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