Apple's first D.C. store facing repeated opposition

December 30, 2008

The wait for Apple's first retail store in the nation's capital will reportedly drag on, as local preservationists have been unable to see eye-to-eye with the Mac maker on a design for the new shop.

Concern that Apple's design may be too radical for the surrounding neighborhood appears to be the primary issue. [The] most recent proposal calls for a glass first story "with a solid-stone upper facade punctuated by a large window shaped like Apple’s logo."

"The board felt that the design turned the building into a billboard," said Tom Luebke, a spokesman for the Old Georgetown Board tasked with approving new building designs for the historic district.

Apple's first design proposal in September of 2007 included an a glass lower story and a second floor that featured punched windows. When that design was rejected, it returned this summer with an all-glass proposal, which was similarly shot down, according to a Dec. 30 AppleInsider report.

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