Bekaert to show rotatable sputtering technology innovations at glasstec

September 24, 2008

The Sputter division of Bekaert Advanced Coatings will highlight its latest glass coatings technologies at glasstec 2008 at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Center Oct. 21-25 at booth C21 in Hall 12.

The company will introduce its adjustable magnet bar AMB v3.0 for horizontal and vertical applications at the show. The magnet bar enables user-friendly optimization of layer thickness uniformity and improves material utilization efficiency. Layer thickness can be tuned with a central adjusting mechanism that optimizes magnetic field strength at the target surface. The robust magnet bar provides stability with a full application target range. It increases target utilization and reduces the cross corner effect. Fundamental research and revolutionary design work of the mechanical constructions have lead to the magnet bar offering high repeatability.
Bekaert's new INV 400 MF AC inverter (35kHz) is part of the solution for sputter electronics for large area glass coating. DC power supplies next to the coating line are connected via economical DC cables, and thus leading to less EMC issues, to the new inverter which gives the flexibility to generate AC in the cathode. The dual-cathode sputtering inverter uses a DC power supply to prevent anode contamination, particularly in reactive sputtering where dielectric materials are deposited. It also adapts to each situation so there is limited interruption of the process in a variety of sputtering methods, while alternation of targets between cathode and anode cleans the surface, ensuring stable deposition rates over long periods.
Self-detecting arc handles scenarios with early response and the self-seeking frequency controller are efficient because of low power losses. Reliable switching means low downtime and its modular structure allows easy maintenance. Special attention was given to the way of arc handling, to minimize the energy during the arc and the restoration of the plasma afterwards. The controller is designed to operate autonomously: no operator tweaking is required to get the process running. Being physically located close to the sputtering process gives unique possibilities for faster and more adequate interactions in order to better control the plasma.
A further highlight at glasstec 2008 will be Bekaert's extended range of rotatable sputter targets with materials for the deposition of TCO layers used in PV cells, e.g., thermal sprayed AZO rotatable target, Zinc Oxide doped with Aluminum oxide (1-2 wt%).
Bekaert Bekintex also will participate in the Bekaert booth, presenting an extensive range of high-performing glass separation materials for the production of complex glass forms, such as Novaquench, Megaquench (patented), as well as the introduction of an entirely new product in knitted fabrics.