BISEM, Dow, Guardian Collaborate on Structurally Glazed Unitized Curtain Wall

February 24, 2014

BISEM-USA collaborated with Dow Corning and Guardian Industries to complete the first successful testing of the BISEM Vacuum Wall system, a structurally glazed unitized curtain wall. The system is the first in North America to undergo industry-recognized and accepted independent performance testing for air and water resistance, and structural, seismic and thermal performance, BISEM reports in an report.

“It’s a changing environment,” said Nick Bagatelos, president of BISEM-USA and Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems, in the report. “No single company can do everything alone. Collaboration is the key to success.”

Dow Corning's Chris Combs approached Bagatelos with the new Dow Corning Architectural Insulation Module. To complete the system mockup, Bagatelos looked to Guardian for suitable complementary vision glass options.

Guardian developed a prototype for the system that combined its vacuum-insulated glass product with SunGuard SuperNeutral 68 low-emissivity glass coating to meet the challenging requirements of commercial high-performance wall installations.

BISEM contracted with Architectural Testing Inc. to conduct performance testing on the mockup. Actual structural tests and validated thermal modeling confirmed that the curtainwall would remain in place for both specifically prescribed and overload conditions, without over deflecting, while also defending against air and water infiltration and meeting stringent thermal performance goals, BISEM reports.

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