City of Ocala Accepts $16K Offer from Santelli Tempered Glass
March 8, 2013

According to, in January 2010, the Ocala City Council approved giving $249,294 in incentives to Pittsburgh-based Santelli Tempered Glass Inc., in exchange for the company creating 35 new jobs and making a $3.3 million investment in machinery and equipment in Ocala, Fla. Santelli Glass closed its doors in Ocala in 2011, the paper reports. Under the “claw back” provisions of its agreement with the city, the company and owner Joseph Santelli, as guarantor, owed the city roughly $37,413 for failing to meet its obligations.

According to a new report, the City Council voted unanimously to accept an offer of $16,000 to release Joe Santelli from any other obligations to the city. However, a judgment against the company for payment of $21,413 will remain.