Construction jobs sprouted widely in March; Reed, fed find mixed activity levels

Data DIGest
April 21, 2010

Construction employment expanded in 26 states and the District of Columbia between February and March 2010, fell in 22 and was unchanged in Montana and Rhode Island, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday [April 16]. Many states with gains may have experienced rebounds from unusually harsh February weather that delayed project starts
and hiring. March employment levels exceeded January totals in 16 states plus D.C. Compared to March 2009, employment shrank everywhere except in Arkansas (up 300 jobs or 0.6 percent) and North Dakota (up 100 jobs or 0.5 percent). The largest year-over-year percentage losses were in Nevada, 30 percent; Colorado and Arizona, 20 percent each; Washington, 18 percent; and Idaho, 17 percent. The national average was -11 percent, according to an April 20 Data DIGest report.

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