DFI Supplies Diamon-Fusion Coating for FIFA World Cup Arena Corinthians in Brazil

Glass Magazine
June 23, 2014

Diamon-Fusion International Inc.'s flagship product Diamon-Fusion was applied to new glass sections of the FIFA World Cup 2014 host stadium Arena de Sao Paulo, also known as Arena Corinthians, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The project, awarded to Sao Paulo-based T2G Technical Glass Group, a DFI licensee, utilized the coating on the stadium structure glass panels to protect the glass from harmful environmental elements, while helping to reduce the maintenance of the glass over time, DFI reports. 

“Every piece of glass on the stadium is a unique size to fit a unique aperture in the façade and rooftop,” said Mauricio Margaritelli, president of T2G Technical Glass Group. “By treating the glass façade with Diamon-Fusion coating, we are reducing the cleaning cycles and protecting the glass from harsh elements while saving in chemical cleaning supplies' costs and reducing water usage.”

The Arena Corinthians' glass is designed with a curvature intended to simulate the visual effect of a ball hitting the net. Special 26-meter seamless beams were developed to support the structure. The 58,125-square-foot double curved freeform glass surface is separated into 855 planar and cylindrical panels, all in hot tent toughened glass. This solution minimized the number of shapes necessary by 93 percent, and the photovoltaic glass powers the air conditioning, reducing costs considerably, according to DFI.

“The Arena Corinthians project is a treat of architecture design excellence and eco-friendly functional solutions," said Guillermo Seta, corporate vice president of DFI. "We are thrilled to be a part of these ground-breaking designs and influential projects..."