Digital Ceramic Printing Center Opens in Turkey

Glass Magazine
April 14, 2014

KH Tasarim, the official representative of Dip-Tech in Turkey, opened the Digital Glass Printing Center of Excellence in Sancaktepe, Instanbul, equipped with a fully automatic conveyer line, a washer and tilting table, the Dip-Tech AR4000 Digital Ceramic In-Glass Printer with an inline dryer, and an unloading table. It is staffed by KH Tasarim’s experienced digital glass printer operators and business and application experts. The center offers a complete glass printing service solution to glass processors and also provides consulting services to architects and designers, Dip-Tech reports.

"Our new Digital Ceramic In-glass Printing Center lowers the barrier of entry for glass processors to expand into the decorative printed glass market,” said Kayhan Horasan, founder of KH Tasarim. "They can work with the printer here, and invite architects and designers to come to the center and work with them on samples. They can outsource projects to us, and say ‘yes’ to glass decoration projects even before they invest in their own printing equipment. It’s a risk-free way to build a lucrative new offering, ideal for small and large glass processing companies alike."