Dow Corning and JE Berkowitz announce manufacturing agreement

Glass Magazine
July 14, 2014

Responding to the need for high-performance insulation solutions for the architectural curtain wall market, Dow Corning Corp. and JE Berkowitz LP Architectural Glass have announced a manufacturing agreement—JE Berkowitz will manufacture Dow Corning Architectural Insulation Modules utilizing Dow Corning Vacuum Insulation Panels. The agreement, announced July 10, includes a joint marketing and sales effort for the eastern United States and eastern Canada.

Dow Corning Architectural Insulation Modules (AIM) combine the aesthetics and convenience of curtain wall construction with the added energy-savings benefit of high-performance insulation, according to the company. Integrating Dow Corning Vacuum Insulation Panels in a protective architectural finish, AIM enables new design possibilities for zero-energy buildings, significantly increased thermal resistance in space-limited situations and creation of slim wall constructions with high R-value performance.

“We’re pleased to have reached an agreement with JE Berkowitz for fabrication of AIM,” said Charlie Zimmer, Global Program Manager for High Performance Insulation at Dow Corning. “After collaborating with JE Berkowitz for more than a year of development, mock-ups and testing, we’re confident not only in their high-quality fabricating, but also in their estimating, operations and project management capabilities.”

JE Berkowitz will fabricate Dow Corning Architectural Insulation Modules in various sizes, thicknesses and finishes for the architectural curtain wall and glazing markets, helping to ensure ready availability of the product for glazing contractors and architects.

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