Edgetech I.G. expands SustainaView campaign

January 9, 2009

Responding to a growing need for sustainable products, Edgetech I.G., Cambridge, Ohio, developed the SustainaView Window Technology marketing campaign to help customers sell the many environmental benefits of Super Spacer, according to a Jan. 9 company release. Designed to educate homeowners, SustainaView Technology shows that ‘going green’ is more than buying energy-efficient products. It’s about buying products with proven performance that will save energy now and will continue to perform for many years.

The comprehensive SustainaView campaign features a 12-page brochure, one page handout, DVD, poster, coloring book and window labels. Additionally, Edgetech recently expanded SustainaView to include showroom signage, including a unique chandelier sign, as well as window display signs and yard signs. Visit the SustainaView Web page  for more information.

All SustainaView literature and much of Edgetech’s other literature are produced using waterless printing on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. Waterless printing produces high quality prints in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible. The FSC-certified paper is a distinction available to companies and organizations that produce or sell qualified forest-friendly products.