Glaston's glass processing unit cooperation negotiations end

September 17, 2008
Cooperation negotiations have now ended for Glaston Corp.'s locally operating glass processing unit Tamglass Glass Processing as a part of its recovery program. The negotiations began July 30 July, according to a Sept. 10 company release.
The glass processing unit will close its working machine and special automotive glass business and enhance its building glass business.
At the turn of the year, the operations at the Pihtiputaa unit will end and fixed employment contracts for 17 employees will expire, according to the release. As the primary adjustment measure in the closing working machine and special automotive glass business, 10 employees will be laid off for a period of three months during the winter of 2008-2009. Furthermore, in the effort of redirecting operations, 10 employees will be retrained for tasks in the Akaa factory. At this point, the company will not impose any redundancies, but the need for downsizing will be reassessed early in 2009.
With these measures, the glass processing unit estimates cost savings of more than $710,785 from the beginning of 2009, according to the release.