Keraglass Industries and Emmegi Group Announce Partnership

Glass Magazine
May 12, 2014

Keraglass Industries has reached a technological and financial partnership agreement with the Emmegi Group, according to a May 6 announcement.

Keraglass is a provider of equipment solutions for tempering, screen printing and lamination of glass, while Emmegi supplies technology for processing aluminum and PVC profiles. The “natural affinity” between the glass and aluminum processing businesses will benefit both companies, according to Keraglass officials.

The partnership will also provide Keraglass with “an important commercial expansion and entry into new markets,” according to officials. Emmegi Group has a well-established and widespread international presence, serving about 70 countries through direct branches or through authorized distributors.

For Emmegi, the addition of Keraglass’ expertise into the group will offer the company with “a new approach to research and product innovation, providing customers with excellent and extensive service,” according to officials.