Museum Sues Seele Over Delayed Construction Schedule

Glass Magazine
June 16, 2014

The Broad Collection and Matt Construction Corp. filed suit against Seele Inc. in the Superior Court of California in the County of Los Angeles, May 30, 2014, for breach of contract, among other complaints, over the completion of the Broad Collection contemporary art museum in Los Angeles.

According to court documents, Broad entered into a written design-build subcontract agreement with Seele in 2011, wherein Seele agreed to design, fabricate, deliver and install the FRC veil and facade and glass curtain wall for the project, following the project schedule, for compensation of $29,300,000. "The Design-Build Subcontract provided that Seele would fully, faithfully and timely perform...requirements...," the documents state.

During the proposal period, Seele represented itself as experienced, skilled and able to perform the work under consideration, the case Plaintiffs allege. "Seele's representations were false...Seele's performance has consistently violated the requirements of the Design-Build Subcontract and caused substantial harm to Broad and Matt and the Project," according to court documents. "Among other unjustified acts and omissions, Seele violated the Design-Build Subcontract and substantially delayed Project completion..."

Plaintiffs are seeking damages in the sum of at least $19.8 million, according to the court documents. 

Officials from Seele have not responded to requests for comment.