Odersun AG and Franzen to work together to further promote BIPV

Glass Magazine
June 7, 2011

Germany's Odersun AG, a manufacturer of custom solar modules, and the FranzenGroup, a designer and installer of façade and solar systems, have announced that they will work together in the sector of integrated building photovoltaics, according to a June 7 release. Together, they will further promote the integration of solar components in curtain-wall type, rear-ventilated façades.

"Franzen combines, when it comes to the handling of our new types of solar components, a decisive, and until now rare, combination of skills, namely experience in façade construction and in the design of solar systems," said Dr. Hein van der Zeeuw, CEO of Odersun AG, in the release. "The constructional and artistic integration of solar in buildings can only be successful when the necessary systems and the decisive experience and competence in planning and installation are combined with suitable materials."

"As a classical installation company, we were one of the first businesses to turn to the integrated use of solar energy in buildings. It was clear to us that there was a dynamic movement toward the incorporation of new technologies for sustainable energy supply within the building, a movement for which we wanted to be prepared," said Jürgen Krämer, a managing director at FranzenGroup. "We have more than 40 years experience in installation and have been active in the solar sector since 2005. With the new components from Odersun, we can now combine both skills and offer solar façades, which also meet the requirements of aesthetic integration."