Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope announces price increase, effective June 23

Glass Magazine
June 6, 2011

In response to flat glass manufacturer price increases, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope announced a price increase of its own. In a May 31 letter to customers obtained by Glass Magazine, COO Jim Avanzini states: "We received notice from our flat glass manufacturers that pricing on all glass products will increase 8-10 percent, effective June 23, 2011. The increase announcements cite increasing raw material and operating costs, in addition to continued challenging economic conditions despite aggressive cost-control measures.

"In response to this increase and cost increases in many other areas of our business, we will increase our selling price effective June 23, 2011, as follows:

  • Clear float products, including patterned glass        10 percent
  • All tinted products                                                              8 percent
  • All coated products                                                            8 percent
  • All fabrication charges (holes, edgework, etc.)          10 percent"