Pleotint Announces Distribution Agreement with Innovative Glass for Suntuitive Interlayer

Glass Magazine
May 8, 2013

Pleotint LLC announced a distribution agreement with Innovative Glass Corp., under which Innovative Glass will incorporate Pleotint’s Suntuitive interlayer technology into its proprietary SolarSmart Glass insulating glass unit.

Pleotint reports that the Suntuitive interlayer is North America’s first commercially available window interlayer for laminated glass that gradually darkens in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight, then cools as the sun moves across the sky, returning to a clear, neutral state.

“By partnering with Innovative Glass Corp., we are expanding the reach of the Suntuitive interlayer...," said Paul Ogburn, VP of Pleotint, in a Pleotint press release. "Innovative Glass Corp. is a globally recognized company that has extensive expertise in working with world-class architects and building designers on all types of commercial, residential and other unique applications.”