PPG announces price increase

Glass Magazine
July 26, 2010

In a July 23 letter to customers, Mark Seeton, director, Sales and Marketing, PPG Performance Glazings, Pittsburgh, stated that effective Aug.16, 2010, PPG Industries Inc. Performance Glazings will implement a price increase on the following product categories: 8 percent increase on all tinted glass products, Starphire ultra-clear glass, all coated products and tempered glass products; and a 14 percent increase on clear glass.

"As reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the producer price index for flat glass products has fallen by almost 12 percent since June 2009," the letter states. "The decline in pricing combined with the increased costs of operation make it necessary for us to increase pricing on our primary glass products at this time."

The energy cost inflation will continue to be addressed by the quarterly energy surcharge letter, Seeton wrote in the letter.