SAGE Debuts Solar-powered Wireless Electrochromic Glass

Glass Magazine
November 20, 2013

At Greenbuild 2013 today in Philadelphia, SAGE Electrochromics Inc. unveiled its new electrochromic glass that is completely solar-powered, self-contained and wirelessly controlled with an iPad, according to a Nov. 20 company release. SageGlass Simplicity is a solar-powered wireless version of SageGlass electrochromic glazing for the commercial market.

SageGlass Simplicity offers architects and building owners even greater flexibility in how they incorporate dynamic glass into their building designs, according to the release. While traditional dynamic glass is powered by a low-voltage wired connection, SageGlass Simplicity requires no electrical wiring. A thin strip of solar photovoltaics at the bottom or on the side of each pane provides sufficient power to control SageGlass tinting throughout the day. A low-profile electronic controller and battery provide a wireless communication interface and back-up power for up to two days if necessary, according to the release.

"Electronic tinting with SageGlass is so efficient that it can be easily powered by a narrow strip of solar PV,” said Andrew Hulse, vice president of sales at SAGE in the release. “Architects have asked us for a wire-free electrochromic solution for their hard-to-wire designs and renovations. This will enable them to incorporate new applications for dynamic glass in their designs which will further expand the market for dynamic glass."

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