Senate Democrats want climate bill to protect manufacturing

The Wall Street Journal
August 7, 2009

Ten Senate Democrats whose votes are pivotal to the success of climate legislation urged the Obama administration on Thursday [Aug. 6] to support levying tariffs on goods from countries that don't limit their greenhouse-gas emissions.

President Barack Obama has resisted the idea, saying it would send "protectionist signals" to the world.

In a letter to Obama, the lawmakers said it was critical to include a "border mechanism" in climate legislation to ensure it would be "trade neutral and environmentally effective." They also warned that it would be "extremely difficult" to support a bill that didn't "deal with these important issues."

In response to the senators' letter, a White House spokesman said in a statement that the president "believes that the most effective approach to maintaining a level playing field is to negotiate a new international climate change agreement that ensures that all the major polluters take significant actions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions," according to an Aug. 6 article in The Wall Street Journal.

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