Cleaning and activating agent

Sika Activator 250 milliliter can

Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., introduced Sika Aktivator Pro, a cleaning and activating agent for use with Sikaflex and SikaTack auto glass replacement adhesives. Applied using a single wipe-on application, the product allows for improved flash-off times and a broader range of cold weather performance in comparison to current Sika Aktivator, according to a company release. Sika Aktivator Pro has a three-minute flash-off time from 15 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 F, and a 10-minute flash-off time from 0 F to 15 F, before application of Sika AGR adhesives. The product replaces Sika Aktivator in all AGR packaging configurations including Sika’s 1.1 milliliter applicator pads available in Sika AGR Super Kits, as well as in 250 milliliter cans. Sika Activator pads have yellow felt and Sika Activator Pro pads have orange felt. 

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