Rain-X remover

Ultra Bond, Grand Junction, Colo., in conjunction with Glass Technology Inc., Durango, Colo., introduced X-Phobic, a patent-pending hydrophobic coating remover for the removal of Rain-X and similar water-repellant products.  These glass treatments prevent windshield repair resin from bonding to the glass, making it impossible for technicians to repair the damaged glass effectively, according to a release.  X-Phobic allows technicians to remove Rain-X, carwash wax and detergents, moisture and other contaminants trapped within a break.  "This product increases the repairability of most stone damages because you never really know if a windshield has been coated with a hydrophobic treatment until you begin repairing," explained Kerry Wanstrath, vice president of Glass Technology, in the release.  X-Phobic is available exclusively though Ultra Bond and Glass Technology.

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