Urethane adhesive and primer

Betaseal Advantage

Dow Automotive, Dayton, Ohio, offers the Betaseal Advantage warm-applied auto glass urethane adhesive. Unlike hot-applied urethane adhesives that require heating to chemically activate the product, BetaSeal Advantage is only heated to extrude. The product heats for 15 minutes in a standard cartridge oven and can be quickly reheated, so a partially used cartridge doesn’t have to be thrown away. It has a 60-minute safe drive-away time in temperatures over 0 degree Fahrenheit and any humidity level, and in cars with dual air bags. The Betaseal Advantage EZ Kit contains 20 Betaseal Advantage cartridges, 16 Betaprime Clear SA 1-Step Glass/Frit Primer applicators, a 40-milliliter can of Betaprime 5404A Pinchweld & Encapsulation Primer, 20 uncut and seven precut nozzles, 20 daubers, 28 AGRSS-compliant proof-of-use stickers, 15 instructional mirror tags and an instruction sheet.

Also available from the supplier is the Betaprime Clear primer, approved for use down to 0 degree F or -17.8 degrees Celsius. Betaprime Clear allows technicians to prime bonded glass parts down to the same application temperature as its advanced cure adhesive systems: Betaseal 0°ne, Betaseal Express and Betaseal Advantage. To ensure AGRSS compliance, the instructions for using Betaprime Clear are covered in a 15-minute supplemental training session as part of Dow’s Fixed Glass Installation Training Program.
To schedule training, contact your local Dow Automotive representative or call 800/246-4405.

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