3Seal Insulating Glass Spacer System from JE Berkowitz

J.E. Berkowitz LP will introduce the JEB 3Seal insulating glass spacer system, made from structural thermoset silicone with integral 3A desiccant. The spacer system features a tripleseal design consisting of a pre-applied acrylic adhesive for spacer-to-glass bonding, a hot-applied captive polyisobutylene primary seal, and a two-part structural silicone secondary seal. With its no-metal design, JEB 3Seal has shock-absorbing properties, counteracting glazing stresses caused by wind, snow, driving rain, fluctuating temperatures and barometric pressure, according to the exhibitor. In addition, JEB 3Seal has minimal thermal conductivity, providing higher glass-edge surface temperature, and a multi-layer vapor barrier to enhance condensation resistance. Booth #4715

J.E. Berkowitz
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