70-square-foot Triple IGU from Viracon

Viracon expanded its triple insulating glass sizes to 70 square feet. By adding another spacer and glass lite, the fabricator is able to offer designers the ability to apply a more diverse range of substrates and high-performance coatings to a Viracon triple insulating glass unit, the company reports. A dual-pane product consisting of a 6-millimeter exterior lite with a VRE-54 coating on the No. 2 surface, 13.2 mm air space, and a 6 mm interior lite yields a winter U-value of 0.30 and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.31. Using the same components, but adding another 13.2 mm air spacer with a third 6 mm new interior lite yields a significantly lower winter U-value of 0.22 while the SHGC falls to 0.28. Applying a second high-performance coating, such as VE-85, on the No. 4 surface of the same triple insulating glass construction further improves the winter U-value to 0.16 and the SHGC to 0.25, Viracon reports.

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