Acid-etched Glass from Walker

Walker Glass fabricated acid-etched glass for the
Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology
at the University of Pennsylvania

Walker Glass will exhibit its entire line of products in Chicago, emphasizing the use of acid-etched glass in exterior applications. Customers can use Walker’s acid-etched glass for balustrades, railings, canopies, insulating glass units and other exterior applications, the exhibitor reports. Walker Textures AviProtek, the bird-friendly glass product line launched late last year, will be a major part of the exterior application focus. The recently launched Satinlite finish will also be featured in the exterior products section of Walker’s booth. Its refined etching removes the glare from the surface of the glass, making the colors and images stand out. Satinlite has been tested for wear and stain resistance and surface hardness; in all cases, the performance is either similar or superior to float glass, Walker reports. Booth #2645

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