Acoustic, solar and decorative film

Japan’s Sekisui S-LEC, part of Sekisui Chemical Co., will feature its range of architectural film products, including the S-LEC Acoustic Film or SAF, S-LEC Acoustic Milky White film or SAF MW, S-LEC Solar-Control Film or SCF, and S-LEC EN Film or SEF. The SAF product reduces outside noise by up to 40 percent; and the SAF MW film provides laminated glass with superior sound insulation properties and privacy protection. The SCF product blocks infrared and ultraviolet rays, but allows radio waves of all frequencies to pass through the glass, unlike conventional heat-reflective glass with metal coatings. A decorative EVA interlayer film, the SEF can be used in combination with a wide variety of items such as rice paper, metal sheet and solar battery modules to create laminated glass with unique and interesting designs. Booth 1903

Sekisui S-LEC
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