AIA Education Courses from PPG

PPG Industries released two American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System registered programs covering architectural glass. The first, “Glass Production, Processing and Performance,” examines clear, tinted and low-iron glass. The coated glass tutorial explores common application processes for low-emissivity glass and its impact on the performance of buildings. The program also covers flat glass fabrication and processing methods. The second, “How Low-E Coating Improved Building Performance,” explains how low-E glass manages energy from different parts of the solar spectrum to control the transmission of heat and light into buildings. The course describes coating processes for “solar control” and “passive” low-E glass, and examines how such coatings affect glass performance and the energy efficiency of buildings. Both courses provide Health, Safety and Welfare learning units, and they can be taken online for no charge at Hanley Wood University or AECDaily, or as classroom courses taught by PPG representatives throughout the United States.

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