Aluminum Framed Folding System SL73 from NanaWall

The NanaWall Aluminum Framed Folding System SL73 is specifically designed and engineered to perform in harsh climates, eliminating the need for unsightly hurricane shutters. The SL73 received high ratings on both static and dynamic pressure water resistance tests, and is tested to meet demanding standards for preventing water, wind and debris from entering the building up to 15 stories, NanaWall reports. With features such as dual stainless steel running carriages and encapsulated ball bearings, the design and materials of the SL73 helps prevent corrosion issues often associated with harsher climates. The system is tested to meet the requirements of the Miami-Dade County Hurricane Impact Test and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association for both inswing and outswing applications. The NanaWall SL73 can be configured to span openings up to 38 feet wide, and is available in more than 200 finishes, including simulated wood-grain. The secure, easy-to-use system is also available with the NanaScreen, which helps control insects, and can be easily pocketed for storage.

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