Architectural Insulation Modules from Dow Corning

Dow Corning will display two products featuring technology for near-zeroenergy buildings. The Dow Corning Architectural Insulation Modules are high-performance, thin-profile curtain-wall materials constructed with Dow’s energy-saving, high-performance Vacuum Insulation Panels. These easy-to-install modules can significantly increase thermal resistance in space-limited situations and enable slim wall constructions with high R-value performance, the exhibitor reports. Available in a variety of architectural finishes, Architectural Insulation Modules give architects new design possibilities and the flexibility to balance needs for thermal performance and visual aesthetics. Also on display will be the Building Insulation Blanket, which provides thermal protection in hard-to-insulate spaces. It is fire-resistant, hydrophobic and does not settle over time. Featuring a thin profile, flexibility and compression resistance, the blanket can be easily cut and conformed to complex shapes and tight curvatures, enabling design freedom without loss of insulation performance, according to the exhibitor.

Dow Corning
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