CeramiGlass Frost Etch from ICD

ICD recently introduced CeramiGlass Frost Etch to deliver a product line that meets the growing decorative glass specification needs in the architectural community, the company reports. CeramiGlass Frost Etch, a 100 percent water based ceramic-like coating, simulates the look of an acid etched process without the environmental concerns or difficult sourcing, according to ICD. CeramiGlass Frost Etch also is available in a full range of colors and can be screen-printed, sprayed or roller coated, allowing ICD-approved factory fabricators multiple usage opportunities with one product. The product not only provides the look of a traditional acid etched product, but also the surface feel. It features superior sustainability qualities, as it is developed using zero volatile organic compounds, uses no pine oil or solvents, and uses less energy to cure, the manufacturer reports.

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