Colorlinq from Pulp Studio

Designed to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with developing custom colors, Pulp Studio’s Colorlinq searches the Pulp Studio extensive database of past custom formulas to find an exact or closest color match within the Pintura water based glass coating system. If a designer or architect has a color chip or reference number from any number of the existing color systems, including paint company color cards, RAL and Pantone, they can immediately view the color on a mobile device and order a sample. 

“The challenge of constantly having to match new custom colors is not only expensive, but time consuming,” says Bernard Lax, president of Pulp Studio. “Colorlinq breaks down colors from 32 different color systems, and brings up the color we have created for Pintura that is our closest match. It’s like having a color card with thousands of colors on it.”  

Pulp Studio’s database includes thousands of proprietary paint colors, making it likely that designers find a color match. If not, however, Pulp creates a new submit to produce an exact match, which in turn goes into the database for future use, creating a progressive color customization system. 

“Our goal with the system over time is simply to minimize the time we need to give a customer a sample of a custom color,” says Lax. “We expect within the next year to minimize our matching time to three working days from the time of receipt of a color from our customer. If we can achieve that then we can make it easier on our customer giving them what they need to present to their client.”

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