Curtain-side Glass Truck Body from’s newest curtain-side glass truck body combines the accessibility of open racks for side loading with the added security of retractable curtains to protect glass in transit. Continuous front-to-rear outer glass support ledges facilitate transport of wider sheets of glass and the shorter wheelbase of the cab over chassis enhances maneuverability for deliveries in tight areas, the company reports. Available in 12 foot to 18 foot lengths, the truck body features a galvanized steel frame that supports heavy-duty double-weave PVC coated curtains, a ply-metal front bulkhead, full-width rear double doors and a translucent ceiling with LED dome lights. The welded steel sub-frame provides a stable base for transporting payloads up to 8,000 pounds. The curtain-side’s exterior and interior glass transport racks are fabricated from strong custom-extruded, T6 aluminum posts and slats utilizing Huck aircraft-grade fasteners. The truck also features thick rubber padding integrated into every rack surface that touches glass for increased protection.
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