DigitalDistinctions from Viracon

Viracon will showcase two additions to its DigitalDistinctions digital ceramic line of decorative glass products. DigitalDistinctions Etch Ink is a cost-effective, fast and environmentally friendly ink that simulates the look of acid etched, colored etch or sandblasted glass when used alone or in combination with other ink colors. Versatile application effects of the ink provide varying degrees of privacy, light diffusion and sun control. The product does not use high-pressures and blasting and it does not contain dangerous acids, Viracon reports. Viracon DigitalDistinctions Dual Image consists of a printed image or pattern on one side and a different color, image or pattern on the opposite side of the same glass lite. The technology can produce images to reflect a variety of complex designs in addition to standard and simple designs.Any of Viracon’s high-performance coatings can be applied directly over any digital print using Etch Ink or Dual Image on the same surface to further enhance solar performance, the exhibitor reports. Booth #1831

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