Duplex Fittings from Thermoseal Group

Thermoseal Group introduced new sizes to its range of Duplex fittings for Thermobar warm edge spacer. Previously available in 11 1/2 millimeters by 15 mm, 11 1/2 mm by 18 mm, 15 1/2 mm by 15 mm and 15 1/2 mm by 18 mm, the range of Thermobar Duplex center keys and edge keys has been expanded to include fittings in 7 1/2 mm by 18 mm and 9 1/2 mm by 18 mm. All sizes are available in black, grey and neutral. The Duplex keys are used to produce a sealed unit with Georgian style features that has the appearance of being constructed from several individual glass units, without the need to use a different type of internal glazing bar, Thermoseal reports. Thermobar Duplex fittings are tailor made for use with Thermobar warm edge spacer, fitted back to back on the center keys inside the unit. 

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