Fire-rated glazing and framing

San Francisco’s Safti First will exhibit its fire-rated glazing and framing offerings. Products include SuperLite I, 20-to-30-minute specialty tempered; SuperLite I-XL, 20-to-60-minute patented specialty tempered with additional radiant heat protection; SuperLite I-W, 20-to-90-minute patented safety wired glass; SuperLite C and C/P, 20-to-45-minute standard and premium non-safety ceramics; SuperLite C/S and C/SP, 20-to-180-minute standard and premium safety ceramics; SuperLite II-XL, 45-to-120-minute ASTM E119-tested transparent wall glazing; SAFTIfire GPX framing, 20-to-120-minute temperature rise framing system available in multiple profiles and finishes; Saftifire hurricane system, 45-to-120-minute fire- and hurricane-rated glazed assembly; and fire-rated decorative glass, 60-to-120-minute fire-rated art glass in Saftifire GPX framing. 

Safti First
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