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Sill flashing

YKK AP America Inc., Austell, Ga., launched three products, including a light shelf for natural lighting, high-performance sill flashing and a window wall system with a slab edge cover. The Luminance light shelf offers interior daylight and integrates into YKK AP standard curtain wall and window wall products. The product can be combined with YKK AP’s ThermaShade sunshades to give complete sun control solution and opportunities for LEED certification credits. YWW50T is a window wall system, with an optional slab edge cover, for multistory buildings. The slab edge cover creates the appearance of a top to bottom curtain wall exterior, and the system allows for easy installation, as it can be installed from the interior or the exterior. Thermal performance is enhanced by YKK AP’s MegaTherm thermal break technology. The company added high-performance sill flashing to its storefront line, eliminating the need for blind seals, reducing installation time and guarding against water infiltration.

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